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Bridgestone Replacing RE-71R

If you were looking for an aggressive, sticky tire, for either street driving, autocross or track duty, the Bridgestone RE-71R was often the best choice. Not only was it a great tire, but was made in more sizes, widths, and was relatively easy to get, and at an attractive price point. However, recently, the availability […]

BRR Motorsports – 2021 Schedule

2021 Schedule 2020 was an interesting and challenging year for BRracing Motorsports (BRR Motorsports) program and our customers. The year started with the brightest outlook and intent, then COVID hit, which shut everything down for over 2 months. However, in spite of, or maybe due to, our “track customer” base continued to grow in all […]

BMW E30 325i Restoration

As the BRracing program / locations / staff grow, so do the opportunities presented to us by our customers.  One of the great additions to our staff has been Frank C, who joined us from Canepa, where he was responsible for Canepa’s Porsche and Ferrari restoration projects.  This addition has allowed us therefore to expand […]

Porsche Body Codes – What Are They?

Not all Porsche 911s are Porsche 911s and not every 987 is a Cayman. Every Porsche model has its own internal code, or number. It’s easy to get a bit confused by all the numbers like 911, 959, 964, 993, 991 and so on. So today, we want to give you a brief introduction into […]

Porsche Boxster Spyder – Pretty & Quick

Porsche 981 Boxster Spyder – Pretty & Quick Each project has it own’s set of objectives.  Some are to make the car fast, some are to make the car handle, some are to make it have a unique and stylish look.  This cusotmer wanted a faster car, but one that has a wholestic design look.  […]

VW GTi – Sleeper

There are times when you buy one car, but you really wanted a set of features that are available on another model.  Like, you want all the performance and upgrades of the top of the line sporty version, but you need the utility and convenience of the four door model.  Such was the case with […]

Why We Use MOTUL Fluids

When we started BRracing, we positioned ourselves to be a better alternative than the dealer. Better service, better experience, better or bigger scope of services, less expensive, more convenient, more accessible, more personable, and more. As part of that, we wanted our customers to feel that we took as good or better care of their […]

BRR Motorsports – 2020 Schedule

2019 was yet another development and platform expanding year for BRracing Motorsports (BRR Motorsports), as our “track customer” base continued to grow in all manners (I know, we just keep saying that), and our customers again traveled all over the scenic United States to sample all sorts of tracks, hotels, airports, restaurants, and other cultural […]

Tesla 3 – Track Ready

We’re in the midst of a major shift / change in the automotive world. For the last 100 years or so, we have been marching down the path of the internal combustion engine (ICE), and refining it along the way. Now, due to the changes in technology, battery development, we are seeing the shift to […]

Tech Talk – 2020

PCA-GGR 2020 Tech TalksHosted by : BRracingBRracing – Campbell Shop Location2875 S. Winchester Blvd. in Campbell, CA These are events open to the public. Not limited to PCA members, just car fanatics. No reservations needed. Come for the morning session, come for the afternoon session, come for both (Lunch provided by BRracing) Event Schedule 2019 […]