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New Porsche 991.2 GT3

New Porsche 991.2 GT3 500 hp from a naturally aspirated four-liter flat-six available with PDK or six-speed manual Porsche North America – Atlanta, Georgia. Porsche motorsport technology continues to be incorporated into street-legal sports cars. The new 911 GT3 was developed in Weissach,and will be manufactured on the same production line as all other 911 […]

Porsche 991 GT3RS – Mean

Porsche 991 GT3 RS – MEAN As the car industry continues to mature, and become very technical, and very flexible in meeting the specific needs and wants of its customers, the overall “modding” of cars is going down.  If you want coil-overs on your new BMW M3, you can get them from the factory, want […]

BMW E93 M3 – Evolving

BMW E93 M3 – Evolving We would like to know what it is w BMW E93 convertible owners?  Of all the BMW E9x version M3’s we have upgraded….the majority seem to be the M3 convertible. I would have thought the 2 door coupe (E92), but nope…it’s the M3 convertible time after time. That is the […]

Audi TT – Pizzaz

Audi TT – Pizzaz We have lots of customers w the Audi TT….and almost all of them truly love their cars, BUT….the car in stock form does not cause a lot of heads to turn, nor does it excite you.  Our customer wanted to spice it up a little bit….tires, wheels, suspension, handling, alignment. To […]

MINI Cooper S R56 – Ultimate Handling

MINI Cooper S R56 – Ultimate Handling We often get asked about what can be done to improve the handling of the MINI Cooper.  Its already a great handling car…no question. But, if you want to take it further, how far we go all depends on your objective.  But, if you really want to go […]


BRR BMW E46 M3 SuperCharged This project sorted of started backwards….normally, many of our projects, start with either one of our BRR project cars or one of our thousands of customers who do projects with us, but these start with a new car, and the enhancements / upgrades begin right there.  Then there are some, […]

Porsche GT4 – Phases

Porsche GT4 – PHASES The Porsche 981 GT4 has become one of “the” dual duty cars to have if you go to the track.  Porsche did more upgrades and changes to this car than almost any other car on the market today to make this car truly track ready. All the major categories and boxes […]

BRR Audi RS Q5 – Pizzaz

BRR Audi RS Q5 Often projects are not some elarborate, extensive do everything under the sun scope and plan, but more of a simple, “lets just address the details” and personalize the car.  As the manufacturers are also getting more into the specialized line extension of their cars, there is less of a scope to […]

Audi TT LeMans MakeOver

Audi TT 2001 LeMans Edition – Complete MakeOver Its not very often that a customer comes in and just says, “I want to do a complete make-over for my car.” She loved her car, which was a special model to begin, as it was the Audi TT cabriolet LeMans Edition, w the higher output engine.  […]

Audi B8 A4 – Styling It UP

Audi A4 B8.5 2014 – Styling it UP. So, what do you do when you want a car that has the power of the S4, but you want certain styles, sound and a defined “look”? If you spend all the money to get the S4, then you can’t get the car to look the way […]