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BRracing – Bugatti Veyron Project – VIDEO

There are some truly amazing cars….supercars, cars that are stunning in so many ways.  But, then….there is more…..we always are looking for more…..more performance, more beauty, more refinement, more power, more…..and we want a complete package.  That’s where we started with the Bugatti Veyron project.  An amazing car….just watching the car in start up mode […]

BRracing & StopTech – Tech Video series #1

BRracing presents a StopTech tech series video addressing the question of DRILLED vs SLOTTED rotors.  Is there a difference?  Do we care?  Is there a benefit?  When is either or both the right solution?  What makes one better than the other? Check out the video (you can also find the video clip on BRracing YouTube […]

BRracing creates VIDEO of lap at GTGP

BRracing creates a video of our BMW E82 135i doing a lap at the Global Tuner Grand Prix (GTGP) at Laguna Seca in October 2010 (where we placed 2nd in class out of all the tuners participating….WOO HOO). This has both inside shots and outside shots of the same lap.  Car in the video is […]