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New PCA DE Rule Coming

The number one priority of PCA’s HPDE (High Performance Driving Experience) Program is track safety. A core belief in the DE program is that a person can purchase a stock Porsche and take it to the track for an HPDE weekend, after an appropriate tech inspection of course. Some people choose to modify their cars […]

How To Manage Your Car During A Track Day

How To Manage Your Car During A Track Day We have likely had more discussions on how to manage your car at a track day than any other track day discussion.  There is a lot that is just not known by the first time or occasional track day participant. Managing these elements will ensure a […]

What To Expect At Your Track Day

What To Expect At Your Track Day There is nothing more exciting than to take your car to the track, and drive it at speed on the track.  The anticipation, eagerness, anxiety build as the day / event approaches.  So, to help you feel a little better about the experience, we are writing this article […]

What To Take To Your Next Track Day

What To Take To Your Next Track Day We have a LOT of customers who participate in track days (meaning the chance to take your car, and drive at speed on one of our regional race tracks).  But we often are asked many questions about the day, the experience, how it will go, what do […]

Oil – It’s all the same isn’t it?

Engine oil – when its synthetic…its all the same isn’t it? For the longest time…BRracing prided itself on offering the same engine oil that the dealership offered for their customers.  We carried the same oil as the BMW dealership for BMWs, the same oil as the MINI dealership for MINI’s, the same oil as the […]

Mercedes ABC Filter?

MERCEDES ABC Fluid / Filter – Service? So many of the car manufacturers these days are specifying “lifetime” fluids.  An example is the Mercedes ABC (Automatic Body Control) suspension system, which uses normal hydraulic fluid, like power steering fluid.  What is the normal service interval for changing the ABC fluid?  There is NONE…it is lifetime.  […]

BMW M4 GT4 Race Car Released

BMW M4 GT4 May 24, 2017 Motorsport customers can now order the new BMW M4 GT4, the latest model in the BMW Motorsport product range. The technologically advanced car has completed over 20,000 kilometres of tests, multiple hours in the wind tunnel, extensive application runs for fine-tuning purposes, and successful test outings under race conditions. […]

New Porsche 991.2 GT3

New Porsche 991.2 GT3 500 hp from a naturally aspirated four-liter flat-six available with PDK or six-speed manual Porsche North America – Atlanta, Georgia. Porsche motorsport technology continues to be incorporated into street-legal sports cars. The new 911 GT3 was developed in Weissach,and will be manufactured on the same production line as all other 911 […]

BMW Intro’s new M4 CS

BMW F82 M4 CS The new BMW M4 CS closes the gap between the BMW M4 Competition Package model and the uncompromising BMW M4 GTS. The new BMW M4 CS, a special-edition model from BMW M GmbH, will be produced in limited numbers from 2017 – 2019. The M4 CS also sees BMW M GmbH […]

MINI Cooper R53 Auto Tranny Issue

MINI Cooper Automatic Transmission Issue For years, we have seen many MINI Coopers in the R53 / R52 line, and some models of the R56 line (up to 2011), with the AISIN automatic transmission (NOT the CVT transmission…those are still without a great solution), have all sorts of issues, usually starting at about 70-80k miles.  […]