Porsche 991 GT3 – issues?

Porsche has created a great car in the GT3 series. Starting w the 996 version, then the 997.1, next was the 997.2, and the last iteration of the 997 series was the amazing 997.2 GT3-RS 4.0. The car was positioned as a car that could be driven at the track, and a high percentage of customers did just that…take it to the track and drive it hard. But, as we have chronicled w the 997.2 and the “center lock” hub assembly issue, there are indeed issues if you take the car to the track.

Porsche-991 GT3-13

Now, the Porsche world has been eagerly awaiting the delivery of the new 991 based GT3. We have been at the track recently w some of these new cars, and they are awesome. But, barely two months into the delivery of the new car, and Porsche has publicly announced a couple of issues w the car. (1) They have halted production and sales of the car, (2) and now have publicly stated that the new center lock hubs, while improved, are still not up to robust track use (there is a service interval, just like w the prior 997.2 center lock wheels, that if you do xx amount of track time or mileage, you need to replace portions of the center lock wheel assembly).

Further, they have now stated (a Porsche tech person, just to be clear, in a public meeting, has provided feedback about extended track use, Porsche AG or Porsche North American has not made a public announcement) that if you, as a Porsche customer, do a lot of track activity, then you need to move to a Porsche Cup Car (which is what we have been guiding our heavy duty track customers to do). So, even if you don’t drive a Porsche, but do a lot of track use, be aware that the track activity does create abnormal wear and tear on the car, and can create safety related issues….we see this on the MINI Coopers, BMWs, Audis that we service and work on as well.

Here is what was printed and posted in a public Porsche forum about a meeting and the Porsche tech’s comments in regards to the new Porsche 991 GT3 –

I attended a PCA member function at the new Porsche dealer in Vancouver last week. There was a 991GT3 with it’s rear bumper & rear wheel removed so members could see the engine & the rear wheel steering mechanism.
First impressions – the car looks amazing, rear wheels are light for their size, all rear suspension & rear steering look robust & rear ceramic rotors are enormous. Also the mechanic on hand demoed the rear steering with a laptop hooked up to the car; it may only be around 1.5deg of movement, but it’s dramatic & in his words – a very big advantage.
Of course I asked about the stop sale/recall & two different mechanics & had heard nothing from Porsche, but are confident it is a small issue and both agreed that the new motor is very strong.
When I asked about why the 991GT3 can’t use slicks on the track, the mechanic stated, “I hate to say this, but Porsche wants customers to buy a Cup car for the track”. It had nothing to do with the motor not being robust enough or the rear steering or PDK. He did mention that the 1st gen centerlocks on 997’s had issues & they are improved on the new car. Also, Porsche continue to improve various parts if they are not up to their standards.

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