BRR Motorsports – 2020 Schedule

2019 was yet another development and platform expanding year for BRracing Motorsports (BRR Motorsports), as our “track customer” base continued to grow in all manners (I know, we just keep saying that), and our customers again traveled all over the scenic United States to sample all sorts of tracks, hotels, airports, restaurants, and other cultural hangouts as part of their track day or racing experience. And we thank all of our customers for such a great year…and for having such a great time together as a group.

Due to our experience base, and service offerings…we had several new customers join BRR Motorsports in 2019, and the scope and type of cars we supported expanded that needed full race or track support (this is a large sample of the type of cars we currently are supporting: Spec Boxster, Spec911, 997.1 Cup Cars, 997.2 Cup Cars, 991.1 & 991.2 Cup Cars, F458 & F488 Challenge Cars, BMW race cars, Audi TCR, Porsche 718 GT4 Clubsport).

BRracing Motorsports offers the following services for track activities: (1) Race Car or Track Car Storage, (2) Transportation, (3) Track / Crew support, (4) Setup / alignment / corner balancing (5) Full track car / race car service / maintenance / upgrades, (6) Tires – Mounting / Balancing, (7) Instruction, (8) Video analysis, (9) Complex data acquisition and analysis.

Here is our current outlook for 2020 – these being the events customers have already targeted to participate in. The schedule will change regularly, so check back often (we will also be adding in our own “private” track day events):

Jan 24-26: Audi Club (Thunderhill) (Going)(DONE)
Feb 1-2: Lucky Dog Race (Buttonwillow)(DONE)
Feb 14-16: SCCA Race License School (Thunderhill)(Going)
Feb 21-23: MVP Tracktime DE (COTA) (Optional)
Feb 28- Mar 1: PCA DE and CR (COTA) (Going)
March 17-18: Porsche Trophy Cup :Testing: (Thunderhill) (Going)
March 28-29:  PCA DE and CR #1 (Buttonwillow) (Going)
April 17-19: Porsche Trophy Cup (Thunderhill) (Going)
April 24-26:  PCA DE and CR #2 (Thunderhill) (Going)
May 15-17: Porsche Trophy Cup (Sonoma) (Going)
May 22-24: PCA DE and CR #3 (Laguna Seca) (Going)
May 29-31: Porsche Trophy Cup (Laguna Seca) (Going)
June 5-7: PCA DE and CR (Utah Motorsports Park) (Optional)
June 19-21: Porsche Trophy Cup (COTA) (Going)
July 10-12: Porsche Trophy Cup (Portland) (Going)
July 11-12: Porsche Owners Club (Sonoma) (Optional)
August 7-9: Porsche Owners Club (Laguna Seca) (Optional, *92db limit)
August 20-23: Porsche Trophy Cup (Road America) (Going)
August 28-29: PCA CR only #4 (Sonoma) (w/ NASA) (Going)
September 3-6:  PCA DE and CR (Road America) (Going)
September 18-20: Porsche Trophy Cup (Utah Motorsports Park) (Going)
September 26-27: PCA DE and CR #5 (Thunderhill) (Going)
October 2-4: Porsche Trophy Cup (COTA) (Going)
October 10-11:  PCA CR #6 (Sonoma) (w/ NASA) (Going)

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