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Oil Changes – Does Frequency Make a Difference?

Oil Changes – Does Frequency Make a Difference? There seems to be a lot of contradictory information on oil changes. (The picture above was from a BRracing customer who did not change his own regularly) Most manufacturers are starting to promote longer oil change intervals. Why? Has some breakthrough been made that makes oil last […]

BRR VIDEO – Pirelli Cup, Sonoma Raceway, Oct 2014 – Overview

BRR VIDEO – Pirelli Cup, October 2014 – Sonoma Raceway Overview BRracing / BRracing Motorsport had three client cars in the Pirelli Cup Race at Sonoma Raceway in late October 2014 (Jesse M, Annand S, and Robb T). BRR customers again went to the podium, and BRR Motorsports finished the season taking 3rd overall in […]

Porsche IMS Class Action Suit – Settlement

Many of you know, and you can read here in our blog more about the known issues w the Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS), but Porsche has settled a class action lawsuit in regards to the IMS issue, and the settlement is now FINAL. The settlement is not very attractive, and only affects you if you […]