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If you have a BMW, and are looking for the best fitment, best value wheel....then APEX Wheels are your choice.  Started in 2009, APEX entered the market with a bang, bringing all the right pieces together to meet the needs of both the ENTHUSIAST customer as well as the TRACK customer.  They produced a ligh weight wheel (offering close to the benefits of a forged wheel - light weight and strength), and yet, at a great value / price.  They also spent a lot of time in the design and fitment process, to produce a set of wheels that optimizes the stock fender well spacing to allow you to stuff the biggest, widest wheel / tire combination possible, with great looks.

The APEX wheel line is produced using the Flow-Forming manufacturing process. Flow-Forming, which has also been called “Roll Forging” or “Spin Forging”, produces a barrel with similar strength to that of a fully forged wheel. This significantly reduces weight in the most significant part of the wheel, as it has the greatest impact on rotational mass. Even with key strength improvements that add weight in select areas, static weights are reduced by 20% on average versus cast alternatives.



New COLORS = matte bronze, hyper black

The ARC-8 design was first released in 2009, and originally only available in 17” and 18” diameters. Now, APEX has expanded the product line, and has made available 19” sizes. The straight spoke mesh design allowed for a strong and light-weight wheel that quickly became popular among racers and street enthusiasts alike for its deep spoke concavity.

Specific Features for the ARC-8


Available in 3 Finishes:


With the PS-7 design, APEX created more aggressive wheel widths and offsets versus our line of race-oriented wheels, allowing for a flush fit without spacers. Initially available in 18” and 19” diameters, the PS-7 is produced using three unique face profiles with increasing spoke concavity. They designed these these face profiles to significantly increased concavity on many applications that are traditionally more conservative. A total of 17 BMW specific sizes in three finishes have been released.

Strength improvements were made to help specifically address the unique abuses of the street where low-profile and stretched tire fitments are used. To help fight wheel bends, we’ve increased the thickness of the wheel’s inner lip. Load ratings exceed JWL requirements, and all sizes have been crush tested in Japan, earning them official VIA certification and registry marks. Additionally, the barrel’s diameter increases sharply after the drop center, improving big brake kit clearance.

Performance luxury vehicles deserve much more than heavy cast wheels. The PS-7 combines racing inspired lightweight engineering with desirable street styling, to produce the ideal wheel of choice.


Available in 3 Finishes:


Originally designed as an endurance type race wheel, the EC-7 styling has become extremely popular in performance street applications on all BMW models. Wide widths and specialized offsets make sure these wheels are still a big step up in tire width and performance, and not just an aesthetic upgrade. The sizes have been tweaked to further enhance functionality and appearance over their race oriented counterparts. The center pad depth has been increased on all sizes to further accentuate spoke concavity.  Inner lips were thickened to increase strength and better handle the abuse from low profile and stretched tire applications. These wheels include a newly designed black center cap made from a more heat-resitant material for increased durability in track environment.


Available in 3 Finishes:


The AERO-7 was designed, initially, to be optimized for the BMW 1-series. However, that investment in design and fitment now allows the AERO-7 to also create a range of fitments across several BMW models. It was designed to allow for wider wheels and tires sizes than stock, while reducing weight.


Available in 4 Finishes:


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