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Burger Tuning / JB4 Tuning Package for Porsche 718

There are two general approaches to "tunes" for your car.  There are "flashes", that directly update and overwrite the core software in your DME / ECU, and there are "piggybacks"...which provide a series of interfaces to key sensors in your engine, alter those values / signals, and then pass them on to the engine ECU.  The Burger / JB4 is a proven method for "piggybacks", and has been around for years.  They have now turned their attention and tuning to the new Porsche turbo based motors. This is the JB4 piggyback for the Porsche 718 models.

Tuner package attatch / interface to a variety of sensors in the engine bay and works with your factory ECU to remap boost, timing, and fueling for optimal performance and not to mention reduced turbo lag. Includes full SENT sensor technology required for properly tuning the latest Porsche platforms. Includes full CANbus allowing the JB4 to access and incorporate all engine data in it's tuning strategies, engine and turbo lubrication, and can even go into engine protection mode by dropping to a low boost map if engine starts to over heat, run lean, excessively knock, or over boost. Includes fuel control for ethanol mixture mapping. Fully compatible with JB4 Mobil for on the fly map changes, data logging, firmware updates, and much more. Installation is very discrete and it quickly removes without a trace when needed. Fuel economy during normal driving is unchanged. Compatible with all driving modes.

The beauty of a "piggyback" is that it doesn't alter the core DME / ECU software, so is not detectable by the dealers (obviously, you must remove the engine JB4 wiring harness), therefore, should not impact your initial factory engine warranty.


JB4 Features and Benefits

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