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Vorsteiner, in its full attention to details to make their wheels and solutions a complete work of art, have now released two types of wheel lug bolts.  They can be used with Vorsteiner wheels, or with other wheels to make the complete statement for your car.

Offered in BLACK Gloss Spline, or SILVER TITANIUM.



Here’s some of the key features of these Spline Lug Bolts:
* 14×1.5 Thread Pitch for Majority of European Car Applications
* 30mm Thread Shank Depth is New Industry Standard to Accomodate 3/5mm Spacers as well as  Ferrari Applications
* Spline Head Design to be a Theft Deterrent
* Thin Spline Profile so Wrench Key Wall does not scratch the inside of wheels
* 5 Stage Black Coating for Luxurious Finish
* (20) Spline Lug Bolts + Vorsteiner Spline Key is included in package
* Can be use together with the Vorsteiner Wheels or Any Standard/Stock Wheels


Vorsteiner Titanium lug bolts are a perfect style and performance statement. Made from 100% aerospace grade titanium (certified), the bolts are lightweight and stronger than similar steel products.  The bolts are available for a number of vehicle applications.
The Vorsteiner Titanium lug bolt set includes:

For owners that wish to run spacers with their wheels they offer bolts with longer lengths.
The Lug Bolts are made from Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium, producing a yield strengthof 128,000psi and an ultimate tensile strength of 138,000psi completed with a shear strength of 79,800psi. The density of the Titanium of .160 lb/in^3 for these, ensuring proper fastening, rigidity and application on even the most extreme performance builds.

Don't spend the money on expensive, beautiful wheels and ignore the wheel lug bolts.  Get these today from BRracing.


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