bbi Pors 991 GT3 bar

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Porsche 991 GT3 and 991 Turbo Combo Roll-Bar / Harness Bar from bbi autosport.

At BRracing, we know how much fun time on the track can be.  But, at the same time, it needs to be safe.  We have personally been in a street car when things didn't go as planned, and had our customer put the car on its roof.  If not for full bar protection, and harnesses for HANS, things could have ended differently.  We have also heard sooooo many say, "oh yeah, I'm not driving my street car at the limit, so I'm not overly concerned".....well, they should be.  Most incidents are NOT from your driving, but from something someone else does where you have no choice in the outcome.  Don't sacrifice safety...EVER.  Plus, we have watched as students squirm and move in the seat while they try to concentrate on driving....not happening.  Get yourself secure, get harnesses that are properly mounted and keep you planted in the seat, so you can focus on driving.

We have built our own bars, and know good quality products when we see them, and bbi has built a great bar for either the 991 GT3 or 991 Turbo.  Don't wait, get your now, and can be painted in a powder coat color of your choice.



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