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ALTA STEALTH R56 Exhaust Dual Tip

The Stealth duel tip exhaust is available in black or chrome, and there is also a Stealth exhaust with a single oval tip, black or chrome.

Another key enhancement to this solution to make a complete exhaust solution would be the ALTA down pipe with integrated catalyst.

ALTA the first company to offer a full 3'' Catback exhaust for the new 2007 Mini Cooper S, aka the MINI R56. With our vast experience with other turbocharged cars, we learned that bigger is better and that a 3'' exhaust system for the new turbo Mini would make the most horsepower to the wheels.

In our initial testing, of our Catback exhaust, we found solid gains of 10 Wheel HP and 10 ft-lbs of torque. While 10 WHP is very noticeable, the most noticeable thing you will find is that the turbo spools quicker. This quicker spool up means more low end power! Something you might not notice is the sound. It is very important to us and everyone to make the exhaust make power, but noise/tone is the next thing people are concerned with. Our new 3'' system is designed to be very very mellow and appease all types of customers. No loud ''farty'' Honda sounds here!

NOW ALTA has taken it one step further and makes an entirely new look to an already great product! With the addition of a thermal Powdercoat in a matte black finish, you can have the extra power and hide it too!

ALTA Stealth R56 exhaust dual tip - $749 list

BRracing price - $725, plus no shipping charges if BRR does the installation

IF you’re not for the stealth black look, there is also a chrome version….which lists for $729, with the BRracing price - $699, plus no shipping charges if BRR does the installation

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