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Red Line
Red Line 10w60
ID #: Red Line 10w60 (11704)
Price: $11.95

Red Line 10W60 Synthetic Motor Oil (1 qt size)

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Red Line 10W60 Synthetic Motor Oil is designed to provide the highest protection, cleanliness and superior drain intervals with the lowest friction for your gasoline, diesel, motorcycle or marine engine. Red Line uses the most stable components available and formulates their products for wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of engine operating conditions. Red Line's unique products contain polyol ester base stocks, the only lubricants that can withstand the tremendous heat of modern jet engines. These synthetics have a natural multigrade property that allows their chemists to create the highest quality oils with no unnecessary additive packages.

This Redline oil was specifically designed to meet and exceed the requirements for BMW M motors that normally require the Castrol Motorsports TWS 10w60 motor oil.  This is a better oil, and at a lower price.

Red Line Synthetic Motor Oil advantages

Fully-synthetic ester formula for passenger cars, light trucks, performance vehicles and marine applications

Excellent wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions

High detergency allows extended drain intervals and provides increased cleanliness

Improved fuel economy and ring seal for more power

Superior high temperature stability and oxidation resistance increases lubrication of hot metal compared to other synthetics

High natural viscosity index (VI) provides thicker oil film in bearings and cams

Less evaporation than other synthetics for improved efficiency and ring seal

All products are completely compatible with other conventional and synthetic motor oils

BRracing has been using all the Redline line of fluids (motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, water wetter, ATF) for years in our performance and racing cars.  Even in older cars we have seen a direct benefit in wear and noise when Redline is used.

We use this oil for many of our customers with BMW M motors.  This is a better and less expensive solution than the traditional Castrol Motorsports 10w60.

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