If you’re like most drivers, you don’t think about your brakes until they stop working (and hopefully you’re not careening down a mountain road when this happens). But, if you’re smart, you’ll take good care of your brakes…..besides your tires, this is the biggest safety issue for your car. You’ll replace the pads and rotors as needed. Still, when your BMW conditional service system recommends that you get your brake system flushed, do you think you should you do it or save the cash?
Do it.
Braking systems aren’t indestructible. Parts, like the rubber in the valves in the master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders deteriorate. All the nasty little bits that flake off end up in your brake fluid. Plus, the fluid itself can get old and worn out. Moisture can also get in the system (most manufacturers suggest . That leads to rust, which leads to more nasty bits in your brake fluid. All this adds up to a brake system with compromised effectiveness and decreased stopping power.

BRracing is offering a brake fluid flush special.  Plus, we offer many brake fluid options (unlike the dealer that can only offer the plain OEM fluid).  All of the offers below represent a SAVINGS of about 15%.

Complete brake flush w ATE (DOT 4+) fluid = $150

Complete brake flush w StopTech (STR600) fluid = $168

Complete brake flush w Motul RBF600 fluid = $176

Complete brake flush w StopTech (STR660) fluid = $179

Complete brake flush w Motul RBF660 fluid = $190

Complete brake flush w Endless RF650 (one of the best fluids there is) fluid = $210

Complete brake flush w Torque RF700 (now the highest boiling point available) fluid = $195

CALL US  at 408-356-1515 to make your appointment, and let us know which fluid type you would like to have used.

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