If you were looking for an aggressive, sticky tire, for either street driving, autocross or track duty, the Bridgestone RE-71R was often the best choice. Not only was it a great tire, but was made in more sizes, widths, and was relatively easy to get, and at an attractive price point.

However, recently, the availability of the RE-71R was getting harder and harder to get. We believe this is because Bridgestone is getting ready to introduce the RE-71RS, the successor to the RE-71R. The RE-71RS has been introduced in Japan, and now is starting to appear in other markets. We believe their introduction for North America is soon.

So, what is this successor like? Here are the marketing docs on the new tire, and the improvements it is offering over the RE-71R.

This all sounds great. Now, we just need them to release it, and get the tires in the market. Will update this post when it hits the US markets.