Pors Cayman GT4 clubsport side3

The next chapter to Porsche’s Cayman GT4 series was released and revealed to the public at the LA Auto Show in November 2015, and this is the full racing Clubsport edition.

This is a non-road homologated (read not street legal, not registered w the DMV), track-focused version of the street-legal Cayman GT4, and it goes on sale today (November 20, 2015) with US pricing starting from US $165,000.

It uses the same 3.8-liter flat-six engine, positioned behind the driver’s seat as the GT4 road car, with output remaining unchanged at 385PS (380hp), but unlike the former that comes with a six-speed manual, the Clubsport utilizes a double clutch transmission with shift paddles on the steering wheel (PDK), paired to a mechanical locking rear differential specifically designed for racing.  The PDK has been optimized as well for track use.  The advantages here for a racer are significant…the stock engine is rated for over 20km of use before needing a rebuild (that could represent up to 4 years of track abuse), and the PDK is said to last over 5 years.  That is much different than the cost / service intervals for any of the Cup Cars.

Pors Cayman GT4 clubsport int1

We were pleasantly surprised at how much of the stock car wiring, interior, features they removed to prep it as a race car, and the approach is very reminiscent of what Porsche did when they produced the first 996  Cup Car.

Pors Cayman GT4 clubsport int2

Porsche also made changes to the chassis with both the front axle and the lightweight strut rear suspension with transverse arms borrowed from the racing 991 911 GT3 Cup.  This means the shocks are true “coil-overs”, w ride height adjustment, but no shock valving adjustment. Adjustable sway bars are present, front and rear. The Cayman GT4 Clubsport stops with the help of 380mm steel brake discs all round (the new PFC versions), with the front featuring one-piece, six-piston aluminum fixed calipers, and the rear, four-piston units.

Pors Cayman GT4 clubsport brk1

Other upgrades include an anti-lock braking (ABS) system that can be adjusted in twelve stages, and a reprogrammed Electronic Stability Program so it can be used with slick tires. It rides on 18-inch forged, 1-piece rims shod in Michelin rubber (European cars come w Michelins, US cars will use Pirelli slicks) and also comes with a welded-in safety cage, a racing bucket seat as well as a six-point harness and fire system.

Pors Cayman GT4 Clubsport front

The Cayman GT4 Clubsport tips the scales at 1,300kg (2,866 pounds), and it features a 70-liter standard tank, with buyers having the option of 100-liter FT3 safety tank.

The front splitter, and the rear wing have been changed for track use, to provide more downforce.  The rear wing is a full carbon fiber unit.

Pors Cayman GT4 Clubsport wing1

Other options for US raced cars will be:  air jacks, no windows, data acquisition system (Motec), no AC system (due to rules in some series, that are street car derived rules, the cars must have a working AC system), and the 991 Cup Car Recaro race seat (this is an amazing seat, and not a bad price when done as an upgrade, but if you have to or want to buy one for your car, the seat costs over $8k). You can see in the pic below the pre-installed air jack mount in the front trunk area.  If you look close, you can also see full race upper shock mounts and supports, a cross body brace, the fuel tank (same opening and fill mechanism as comes on the 991 Cup Car….make fueling the car a little bit of a pain).


Pors Cayman GT4 clubsport rear qtr1

Porsche said that it plans to homologate the car for a number of race series, including the VLN Long Distance Championship Nürburgring, the SRO GT4 series, the Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy USA, the Ultra 94 GT3 Cup Challenge Canada and for a variety of races run by the Porsche Clubs around the world. (including a separate class and series for the PCA Club Racing body for the East coast).

Pors Cayman GT4 clubsport side2

First cars will start arriving in December, the rest will arrive in January.  The complete production run of cars has been sold out since June 2015…..and the requirement, besides buying the car, is the buyer must commit to running a full season in one of the designated race series.

BRracing will receive its first customer car in early December, and testing for the 2016 season will start almost right away.

BRracing Motorsport….leading the change.