We recently went to SEMA, to scope out some of the great new products to come to the market.  One of those that we saw, and quickly entered into a relationship to be a dealer for them in the SF Bay Area (BRracing is the only dealer for PPI in the SF bay area), is PPI Automotive Design Gmbh.

They had developed a stunning kit for the new Audi R8.  This is not just a couple of pieces, but a long list of CF parts for both exterior, interior, exhaust, brakes, engine tuning, suspension, drivetrain, plus trick pieces even for the engine compartment.

PPI has a great reputation in Europe, and has been featured in Top Gear many times for their impressive kits and total car solutions.  

BRracing already has a customer car where we are installing these parts, and the car will be at our “meet” on Dec 7th at our shop.

So, come see the beautiful car at our meet (and it’s a ball on the track as well, as we played with one at Thunderhill at the Hooked on Driving track day on November 15, 2008).