At BRracing, we strive to provide the best customer experience that can be had…..ever. That’s not to say were perfect, but we take customer service and customer satisfaction very seriously. We know that you have a choice of where you can take your car….your investment, to anyone, and we want to earn that trust and creditability everytime we work with you.

Here are customers who have offered their views and told us to use them…..not something we have selected. But, don’t just take this view, check out the independent YELP page, and compare our reviews to others, and see why BRracing has MORE customer reviews and feedback than any other shop around….by a large margin. The customers have come to trust us, and enlist us, for all the work on their cars.

We want to provide the best customer experience, the best value. Here are what customers have said about their experience with BRracing

BMW E46 M3 – owner – San Jose

“EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I’ve brought my cars exclusively to BR Racing for years. I skip the dealership because I know BR will take care of everything I need. BR stands out from other shops by providing amazing service, genuine advice, and reasonable prices.

What makes BR special? Personalized attention. Bruce, Rob and their team will treat you as a valued customer and not as another appointment on the calendar. Technical competence. The BR team hires the best mechanics, and they’ve solved every problem I’ve thrown at them. Competitive prices. BR chooses to invest in customers for the long term, and their focus on relationships proves this.”

BMW E46 330ci – owner – San Jose

“I had been having issues with my 330ci and every shop I turned to wanted around 2k just to repair it by fixing the timing chain….which they were unsure if it would actually be fixed…My friend recommended BR Racing since they provided him great service on his M3. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy shop, then take your car to BR Racing. BR Racing quickly identified the issue of my car which was the Vanos unit. Bruce and Robb were straightforward with me with any issues with the car and what were the best solutions to remedy it. BR Racing attention to detail will surely have saved me quite a bunch of hassle and costs if I had gone with another shop. My money felt well spent as they took care of my car like it was theirs. I surely will come back for upgrades and any other issues with my car. Thanks Bruce & Robb.”

MINI R53 MCS owner – Irvine

“I just did my first ever BMW CCA auto cross event at AutoClub Speedway with the Dinan MINI Cooper S (built by BRracing), and I came home with a first place trophy for the Modified MINI Cooper class, having the fastest lap time, using standard BF Goodrich G Force tires, which I use for daily driving. It was an enjoyable experience, and I was confident in the suspension set up and handling that BRracing had designed.”

Porsche 996 & BMW E36 M3 owner – San Jose

“Had them install a set of coilovers and exhaust on one of my cars. They provided one of the more competitive quotes for the installation and when talking with Bruce on the phone, he knew what he was talking about. He didn’t try to confuse me about how the car is much harder to work on like other shops did. Straight to the point and the shop provided the work to my satisfaction.”

Audi A8L owner – Los Gatos

“It is very rare in today’s world that a mechanic or contractor does what he says he is going to do, charges what he says he is going to do and completes the job when he says he will complete it. You did all three and charged me far less then my dealer’s quote. Our car is running great and we will be recommending your shop to all our friends who own a European car.”

Porsche Boxster owner – San Jose

“I’ve taken my Boxster to BR Racing twice and have received excellent customer service and high quality repair work at a great price. Robb and Bruce are efficient, knowledgable, courteous, and fair. They answered my evening email right away and agreed to look at my car the next morning. My car was smoking and in serious need of repair. They even gave me a ride home and offered to get a rental car for me at a discount rate. My car was diagnosed quickly and the problem was explained to me in a clear manner and I was given an approximate total cost. They worked quickly on my car and had it ready the next day. Robb was kind enough to give me a discount on some of the parts because he realized that I am on a tight budget. I trust Robb and Bruce and know that they stand behind their work. I recommend them highly to my family and friends. I’m so glad to finally find an auto repair shop that I trust. My first visit was in October 2010 and my second visit was in January 2011.”

Audi A4 owner – San Jose

“Brought my Audi A4 in for some relatively minor work, and they turned it around pronto. They emailed digital pics of the parts in question, on the car, with explanations for each. The car runs really well now, and I’m happy to have found a great local shop – thru YELP.”

BMW E92 M3 owner – Redwood City

“Excellent customer service and a wealth of knowledge. They are always willing to take the time to explain to you the concept behind modifications and how they will help the car in different situations (tracking, road driving, etc). They are quick to answer questions either via phone or via email regardless of what day it is (including Saturdays and Sundays). I have a new 2009 E90 M3. I have been to the track twice. Once with it bone stock and the second time after getting Dinan springs and an alignment to dial in as much negative camber with the stock setup as possible on the front and change to toe to improve turn in. My second track day was amazing. Not only did BR Racing do a top notch job swapping out my spring, but they took care when they did the work. My car was as clean as it was when I brought it in. My wheels had zero scratches even though this was the first time they had been removed since receiving my car. They did the work on a Saturday and completed when they said it would be done. My stock springs and bump stops were nicely placed back into the box that came with the Dinan springs. They also went of their way to get me a helmet last minute even though they did not have any stock. I literally asked for the helmet on a Wednesday before my Friday track day and they had the helmet for me on Thursday. My second track day with the new Dinan springs was amazing. Just as Bruce from BR Racing stated, it would make a difference (not a world of difference but would be notice-able). He was absolutely right. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to modify their car but wants beyond dealer quality service to visit BR Racing and find out for themselves. I am always cautious and even skeptical when going to an external shop for anything. BR Racing has won over my business by doing a great job and being patient with my endless questions.”

BMW E46 M3 owner – Los Gatos

“I have a 2004 M3 and have had my oil changed and tires replaced by BRracing. Both experiences were great, and they even set up Forza 2 for me while I was waiting. Fair prices and great customer service make this THE place I will go to get my work done. The dealership charges 2x as much for most of this stuff!!!”

Porsche Boxster owner – Los Gatos

“My car is running superbly thanks to you! I am so impressed with the consistently outstanding service that I receive from BR Racing. It is rare to find a business that is so dedicated to providing such excellent service. Thank you for your great work ethic, it is so refreshing.”

MINI R56 MCS – Palo Alto

Updated review – “Figured I’d update my review as it’s been over 2 years since my first review and BR Racing has grown up… a lot.

Physically, they now occupy 3 garages on-site and an office / reception area. As a business, they are truly full-service. They stored and cared for my car for over a year while I was living in Europe, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. The car was kept covered, clean, battery charged, etc at a climate-controlled offsite storage area. I even sent my parents by to have the timing belt done on their Allroad, and they did it better and at a fraction of the cost of the dealer.

I’ve also been back for a few more toys since I’ve been back, and BRR doesn’t fail to satisfy with their quality work, consultation, and breadth of service. Today, they can do everything from powdercoating to mounting and balancing to custom fabrication. The possibilities are limitless. Customer service has kicked up a notch, and my emails are responded to quickly and efficiently.

Thanks guys for continuing to provide the quality personalized service even for your ‘smaller’ customers. Keep it up.”

Original review – “I’m flattered that my car is shown in one of BR’s pictures on Yelp. (holla Black MINI!) Where are my royalties? Kidding about that, but in all seriousness I’m relieved to finally find a shop that: (a) cares about me and my car (b) isn’t trying to rip me off (c) REALLY knows their stuff (d) has the racing pedigree to back it up (e) always has ridiculous, absurd cars to ogle (E46’s with brakes bigger than my head, blown F430’s, dedicated track GT3’s, you get the idea) One thing to keep in mind, don’t make plans for later in the day because these guys will take their time to get it right. Further, they’re usually working on many cars at once so patience is key here. Email correspondence hasn’t been 100% perfect but they’re busy. Just be persistent if you need a question answered (or pick up the phone, I’m usually lazy and go the email route). Bottom line: if you want to deck out your Euro ride in the South Bay with some guys who really know their stuff, this is the place to go.”

BMW E46 M3 – Hayward

“I have taken my M3 to BRracing for a few services now – regular maintenance service as well as aftermarket modifications to my car. From my very first visit, I found the entire BRracing team to be very helpful and accommodating. Bruce and Robb (the owners) are extremely knowledgeable about cars and German cars in particular. I have enjoyed some great conversations with Bruce regarding potential upgrades to my car; he always provides great information. I have also been extremely pleased with their customer service and look forward to continuing a long-term relationship with this shop.”

BMW E39 528i – San Jose

“These guys are the best, I went in to have my E39 cooling system looked at in hopes that I could put off an overhaul for another few months, but sadly my fears were correct and I needed a new radiator and t-stat housing. I was planning to do the overhaul myself, but BR hooked me up and did a complete overhaul of the system for a good price, and I did not have to buy a bunch of new tools for the fan removal. By far the best experience I have ever had at a shop. I usually fix my own cars, but I don’t have much time the older I get, I think I have finally found a shop that I trust will not rip me off and gets the job done right.”

VW Jetta owner – San Jose

“I was recommended by a few friends and I was not disappointed. They did everything in a professional timely manner. Everything turned out as promised. Bruce is the man!”

BMW E36 M3 owner – Santa Cruz

“Being a new 1995 BMW M3 owner i was looking for shop i could trust to help me maintain,modify and upgrade my car.
The guys at BRracing more than meet the standard.
They have been very informative and really gone the extra mile to save me money. They have talked me out of upgrades i did not need and helped me make great choices for the ones i did.
Their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm really show in the quality of their work.
These guys are the best around.”

Audi S4 owner – San Jose

“BRracing is the best place to bring your Audi or any German car for that matter. I own a 2001 Audi S4 and brought it in for what I thought was going to be a major repair. I was driving my car on the freeway when it suddenly stopped running. The car had 90K miles on it and the assumption was that the timing belt broke while I was driving. I had the car towed to Bruce at BRR and after a little time under the hood, they had it up and running. They caught the problem at a minimal cost and sent me on my way. On top of that great surprise, they have also given me great service. To avoid the potential nightmare of having the timing belt break on me, Bruce was able to schedule me in three days later to have my car serviced at a very fair price. His technicians are extremely knowledgeable and have a lot of experience working on Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes’, or any German automaker. I left their shop with a serviced car and a happy attitude. I will be bringing my car back in the future. In the past, I searched around for a place to work on my car from San Jose to Santa Clara to Palo Alto. BRracing is the top of the list from any place that I have seen and from my perspective, I am no longer looking for a place to bring my Audi. My shop is BRracing and I recommend anyone with a German car go there too.”

Audi TT owner – Santa Clara

“Ok, so my previous review stands. As I’ve continued to go to BR I’ve received nothing but excellent service. Every time I want something done I send an email describing what I have in mind and shortly thereafter they send me a detailed estimate for the services. Even when I mentioned some discounts I can get on my own they allow me to send the parts to them even if I am getting them on my own. If I find a lower price they do allow me to bring in the other estimate and they try to match it if possible. Also, since I saw the 1 star review below, I have to say I was never offered a discount for posting a review. Other friends who go here haven’t had that experience either. Given I’ve been going here exclusively for over a year now it’s a little hard to believe. Regardless, this is my personal, un-biased experience here. Just felt that there was some merit in mentioning that there was -at least for me- no incentive to post a good review. I’ll be going back within the next month or so to do a T-belt change and to install some new rims and tires. If anything worthy of making me change my point of view happens I will be sure to share it be it good or bad.”

BMW E90 330i – Los Gatos

“I recently had the first work done by BRracing on my BMW 330 and was very satisfied and happy with the experience. BRracing replaced the rear pads and rotors on my car. When the car sensor alerted me to the need for this work, I took it by Dinan and called BMW of Stevens Creek. They quoted me prices $100 – $250 higher just to replace the pads. BR however quoted me a lower price. What was particularly nice, was that Dinan could not service me for a week, while Bruce fit me in the next day and had me out the door in 3 hours. What I particularly enjoyed about the experience is that Bruce at BR gave me different options and advice on what pads to install instead of just getting me OEM parts without asking. Even when they encountered a problem getting my wheels off due to locked lug nuts, the time they charged me for labor was still less than that of Dinan or BMW. I really enjoyed the experience and was very satisfied. I will be getting most of the work on my BMW done by BR in the future.”

BMW E36 328ci – Saratoga

“Had front brakes and coolant sensor work done. They did a great job in providing explanations over the phone as to what were (and might be the issues). Gave a number of useful suggestions to fix tricky ‘check’ engine light that was coming on intermittently. In person, they provided the same level of ‘personal touch’ and interest and tried to diagnose some additional car problems. Great experience and great work.”

BMW E46 323i – Santa Clara

“I’ve started to take my BMW to BRracing for repair work. I found out about BRracing through a web forum (http://www.e46fanatics…). They consistently earn high praise and reviews in European automotive forums. The entire staff and management at BRracing are very friendly, accommodating and professional. My experience here has been nothing less then great. I had maintenance issues that needed attention, and they welcomed me into their shop even though I didn’t come to them for racing/performance applications. While BRracing is out of my way, I will continue to bring my current and future European cars to them! For those that need work done to their European cars, I strongly suggest you check out BRracing. Thumbs up guys!”

“The work that I got was as explained, top notch, and done by people who love to enhance the BMW community at a reasonable price and great quality of work…the experience alone would make you want to have your car worked on.”

– Jimmy D.

“The first thing that I noticed was the attention to detail they had, and what they made you aware of. BRracing’s knowledge of these cars is already proven but the customer service is just another level above all the other shops. I feel that I can trust them working on my car and the job will get done in a timely manner.”

– ///MKevin

“I finally got around to ordering and receiving the BBK that I always wanted. Since work is extremely busy during the week, I value my weekends. Once again, Bruce and Robb understood this and accommodated me on a Friday evening. (Most recently, they took on installing my PSS9s on a late Friday evening as well.)

The installation went smooth. Bruce answered all my oddball questions during the install. Everything was torqued to spec and the parts are handled very carefully. Bruce walked me through the steps to properly bed the brakes and gave me a route to use to do so, which was nearby the shop.

My car came out as clean as it came in and my pockets were not quite as empty as your average shop would require. The quality of work, is better, and you can ensure that as you get to see every little thing being done to your car. Ill be coming back to BRR for future upgrades I do. These guys are enthusiasts like you and I, and they are not in the business to make a huge profit. They both have successful careers outside of the realm of cars and are only in it to share their knowledge and help other members with their upgrades.
Thanks again to Bruce and Robb at BRracing!”

– Secret M

“I had some work done at BRracing last month, and I was very very happy with their customer service. I don’t know much about the car since I bought it recently, but Bruce and Robb spent their time teaching me alot about the car, even showed me how the m3 should be driven. More importantly, they didn’t make me feel like an idiot!! While installing my parts, Bruce and Robb were nice enough to point out other minor problems that are worth looking into in the near future.

I saw 3 other M3s pull into BR to get work done towards the afternoon, and that definitely confirmed my thoughts in their work quality of service and work. I would give them 5 out of 5 on their customer service without a doubt. They even gave me a ride to the store down the block to buy a pack of cigarettes!!!! Need I say more?
Thanks again BRracing!!”

– Alanm3sf

“Based on a lot of the positive reviews, I stopped by BRRacing for some work and I have to agree – they are a great shop with great service.

Even before I stopped by the shop or committed to doing any work, Robb spent a ton of time with me on the phone, and even more over e-mail. I had a list of things that I had been planning to do, and many more that I had just been considering. Robb gave me great advice on everything. Often, he suggested courses of action that would have ended up in BRRacing making less money, but would have been the right thing to do for the car and for me.

During my first visit, I had a whole list of things for them to check – header bolts, adjustments to my Magnaflow exhaust, etc. They were very methodical – had printed out my e-mails and made sure to cover everything. They also did a great job rolling my fenders, which is the main thing I went in for.

During my second visit, I was pressed for time, plus I arrived over half an hour late for my appointment. Bruce was very understanding, despite the fact that he had been waiting around for me at the end of the day. He worked quickly but carefully and installed my new springs, all with time to spare.

I’ve been to a lot of different shops in the Bay Area (almost all of the ones that are mentioned with any regularity on the forums). Based on my experience so far, I can say with certainty that BRRacing is now my shop of choice!”

– ggolamco

“With the exception of my rims, minor exterior & interior mods, my ride is pretty much stock. For sometime now, I’ve been looking into the right shop that can do my spring & exhaust upgrades. I have friends that have recommended shops they regularly take their cars to for upgrades in the East Bay and SF area. However, after talking with Robb @ BRRacing I was impressed with the high level of customer service he provided. Since they are also an authorized Dinan dealer and have direct relationships with a lot of other quality vendors, I decided to give them a try.

I took my car in today for the spring install and I really enjoyed watching Robb, and everyone work as a team to get the job done. They kept me updated as the work progressed and answered all of my questions. Throughout the morning, several other M3′ stopped by for service, so you can tell they are a reliable and sought after group to work with.

Even though their shop is an hour away from the Walnut Creek/Concord area, I have no issues with taking the drive down there for my next upgrade…will be there again REAL soon.”

– ZHP2M3

“I’d heard some good things about BR Racing, so I decided to give it a shot and let them install my Brembos. Robb was really quick at responding every single one of my emails and able to squeeze me into their busy schedule.

I was really impressed and satisfied with their knowledge and professionalism.

Even though the shop is not officially opened, but it’s clean and boy, they have big plans for the fixtures to come to spice up the shop. Plus they were also installing GC coilovers on another M3 along side mine. Robb actually welcomed me to watch them work, which is the first time a shop allowing me to do that. Robb showed me all the things I need to know and answered all my questions.

The install was quick, and Robb also bedded the brakes for me, which was another fun experience. I’m definitely going back to BR Racing for other performace upgrades in the future.

Big thumbs up to BR Racing”

– edwin814

AUDI Stories

“I got my car last night with new Bilstein PSS9 suspension and the RS4 Rear sway bar installed. Love it. The car is nicely lowered but the handling is so much better. I don’t know what settings the damping is at the moment. But am really happy how everything turned out!

The install was done by BR Racing and I really cannot recommend highly enough Robb and Bruce. They had the most competitive rates by a long shot and such incredible customer service. They listened to my needs and concerns and really went out of their way to firstly get my business and also to make me a very happy satisfied customer. I was shocked that they came and picked up my car and returned it to me all the way in San Francisco!!! I think that in and of itself is a really great indicator at their commitment to customer service. They are really trustworthy, friendly, down-to-earth car guys.

I will definitely be going back to these guys again for any future mods!

If you have anything that needs to be done, give them a call or send them an email.

Thanks Robb and Bruce!!!”

– MattboyR32

“Another big thumbs up for Bruce, Robb and the entire crew at BRracing in Los Gatos. This last weekend they sourced and installed a Stasis track sport coil over suspension (being that they are a Stasis Dealer) as well as Hotchkiss Sway bars and new Kuhmo tires on my 05 A4 1.8. Everyone I met at BRracing was a “car geek” and I say that with all positive connotations. They care about doing the job right and they care about the end result as if they were working on their own car – and there were plenty of cool cars around! They aren’t just punching a clock. It’s abundantly clear that they love what they do! I cannot say enough good things about this shop. I will be back for more for sure!

BTW the Stasis/H-Sport combo is pretty impressive. The car handles like a dream. Very aggressive in terms of the ride. I am glad that I am keeping with the 17-inch tires, as I am not sure my fillings would handle it on bumpy roads!

I also need to point out that both Robb and Bruce were happy to spend an incredible amount of time prior to getting there on Saturday, talking about the various options available. At the end of the day it is hard to imagine a shop providing a more personal and professional experience. Great prices great work. In today’s world to have an auto shop exceed expectations is rare. These guys rock!”

– jnd28

“Had some maintenance work done over the weekend…

LF inner CV boot R&R
Rear pads and rotors R&R
Tiptronic trans. fluid and filter R&R

These guys rock! From the second I walked in I felt at home. Clean professional shop, LCD’s w/ satellite, lounge area, tootsie pops, magazines, and walking distance to food. No discrimination as you see an Audi banner flying up high along side a BMW and Mini banner.

Everything was as expected and all the past reviews were one of the reasons why I chose to drive all the way from Vallejo to Los Gatos. The distance was the only tough part but the excellent service made up for it.

Best part was seeing another customers e36 getting a suspension upgrade. He was a college kid enthusiast on a budget. The kid was just so exited about it all. Kinda like an early X-mas or something.

Oh, and thanks again for the lift to SC Audi.
Thanks guys!!!”

– Daddy MO

MINI Stories

“The guys at BR Racing are helpful, most knowledgeable I have been around, and perhaps most importantly, they are always making sure I was satisfied with everything that happened with my car when it was in there shop and even when it was not. When my MINI is at BRracing I know without a doubt it’ is the best hands. All MINI owners should be going to BRracing.”

– Andrew

“If you haven’t heard of BRRacing before, you are missing out. I noted BRR’s existence on NAM after another member stated plainly, “I have no intent of bringing my car anywhere else.” I discovered this comment while looking for a local, capable shop that could perform a full suspension swap (among several other tasks) on my 08 R56. The NAM member’s statement drips with new found loyalty that can only be earned by the best. Having said that, I have visited many racing shops over the last 15 years, most of which have had impeccable references and exceptional customer service. So the bar was set high. Still, Bruce and Robb not only succeeded in providing a great experience, but have reset my own expectations and set new a standard for Bay Area MINI enthusiasts.

Throughout the process, BRRacing’s approach was phenomenal: consultative pre-sales communication, logistical support of the appointment, work satisfaction validation, and the follow up a week later. I could not be more happy with BRRacing. Consider me a switcher; I too have no intent of taking my precious MINI anywhere else.”

– Jason