BRracing is your ONE STOP PORSCHE SERVICE CENTER for all your Porsche Service needs. From simple oil changes, to the most complex engine and electronic diagnostic work, we have the experience, training, and expertise to deliver the best solution for your car. Not only do we work on all Porsche models, but we race these cars ourselves, and know them inside and out, enabling us to provide the best solutions for your car. Combine that with industry leading pricing, and you can see why more people are choosing BRracing for their service needs.

We utilize the latest Porsche diagnostic equipment, and tailor the specific solution to your exact Porsche’s needs, rather than forcing you into a higher cost and scope of work that may not be necessary.

Porsche Service Los Gatos, Ca

Porsche Service Los Gatos, Ca

Porsche Service Near Me

Sample of Porsche Repair Services-

  • Oil and filter change
  • Normal Porsche service intervals and inspections
  • Fluid flushes – radiator, power steering, brakes, transmission, differential
  • Brake work – rotors, pads, sensors and “bedding” of the complete solution
  • Engine diagnostics, compression testing, coil and spark plug changes
  • Electrical system isolation, replication, module testing and repair
  • OEM Porsche and aftermarket DME software updates, flashes
  • OEM Porsche feature programming
  • Engine rebuild, swaps, overhauls
  • Clutch, drivetrain, differential service, replacement, tuning
  • Engine valve adjustments, valve cover gaskets
  • Full suspension servicing and alignment
  • Radiator, cooling system, water pump, thermostat, hoses service, refresh, replacement
  • Tire rotation, mounting, balancing and your direct source for new tires
  • Full detailing (interior, exterior, clay bar, clear bra and more)

BRracing – Your Porsche Service Center

  • Better price
  • Better service
  • Proven experience
  • We warrant all our work
  • We make servicing your car easier, more convenient

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Check our testimonials and see why more people are choosing BRracing for their Porsche service needs.

You want the best for your car (best service, best value)… and BRracing delivers. Come see us today.

And, if you want even more from your car, we can deliver all that too….see our other pages on our performance, upgrades, tuning and race support options.