We know the potential in the BMW 135i & 335i car and especially in the motor.  But, there hasn’t been the introduction or release of the real parts to leverage the great opportunity in the new N54 motor….until now. 

Helix Motorsports, long known for its well engineered parts, has come to market w a new “stepped” intercooler for the BMW 135i/335i.

Fits in stock location- YES
Slight trimming on 135i (not major surgery like some others)
Can it be installed without removing front Bumper- YES
Utilizes factory mounting points- Yes
More core volume than stock- Yes 56%
More Ambient face than stock- Yes 56%
More charge rows than stock(8)- Yes 13
Bar and Plate construction- Yes
Removes restrictive stock O ring connectors- Yes
Seals to factory radiator fan shroud so air is drawn through when car is not in motion- Yes
Helix intercooler at 13.5psi 63 degree ambient temps:
372whp +22whp
turbo outlet temperature 228 degrees F(estimated using a 63 degree ambient and 65% compressor efficiency at 13.5 psi)
AIT temp- 75 degrees F – 54 degree drop over stock
pre and post intercooler temp drop- 153 degrees F
Intercooler efficiency- 93% – 33% improvement in efficiency over stock
Core pressure drop spec is .5psi at 450hp(600cfm) airflow

Couple of great things about this product.  Mounts in stock location.  Greater increase in total capacity, but not too much so as to lose efficiency and pressure drop.  Works to use stock air flow and shrouding.   But…..one of the best items about this may be it’s price…..list price of $969….that is well below the other leading solutions now coming to market, but still delivering the quality needed.

BRR will be adding this sweet unit to it’s BRR BMW 135i project car, in our quest for over 400HP.