The BMW E46 M3 is a great car.  Amazing engine and sweet lines.   But, for many years, people have been searching for the right combination to get even more power out of the car.  The high revving motor has all the right stuff to begin with…so, what exactly do you need to do to get more power?

To really get the right solution, you can’t just attack one element, or one portion.  There is no magic potion here.  You have to understand all the pieces, and provide the enhancement of them all…and when you do, there is indeed much more power to be had without having to move to FI.

So, what kind of power, and what does it take?

The pieces to the puzzle are:  intake, exhaust (all of the pieces), fuel mixture, cam adjustment, parasitic elements.

So, we did just that…put all the pieces together – 

Improve the intake to allow it to breathe better

Improved the exhaust – Evosport headers, custom section 1, Rogue X-pipe w EVC, Eisenmann Sport rear exhaust

Reduce the parasitic elements – Evosport underdrive pulleys

Improve the cams, fuel/air mixure – DA race software

So, enough of the hype…..what does all this do?

Produces real power.  The car was run w a dyno run before these new additions were made to the car, so that we had a valid baseline.  Then, we installed and tuned all the elements together.  Back to the same dyno, same ambient conditions, same fuel, as many of the traditional variables were made exactly the same so that we would have a full and valid comparison.   The car produced good power on the base run, but the results after the installation were truly amazing.  So many people have claimed this and claimed that, tried so many other combinations, but have not found the real solution.

Baseline: 261RWHP, 216RWTQ
Modified: 295RWHP, 238RWTQ

Gains: +34RWHP, +22RWTQ

And, what does this do?   Add in some of the other elements (new BMW 4.10 motorsport diff, upgraded suspension, lightened body parts….and you have a car, that can get rubber in the first three gears.  Full pull all the way to the 8.2k redline.  Power on demand….just under the mad pedal.

So…if you’re looking for real power….