This is just one great project.  Not often do we get the chance to do a complete make-over, on both the interior AND the exterior.

This is not a car that will see the track, but the customers other cars are quite special (like one of them being an Aston DB9), so this car needed to come up to speed in all areas (body, wheels/tires, interior treatment, exhaust, handling, and other exterior enhancements).  Just like a FOOSE car, this needed to be a completely integrated solution…everything needs to tie together, everything needs to improve on stock, but look and function just like OEM.

So, here goes.

The list of modifications is quite extensive –

1. Hartge rear spoiler (molded into trunk), rear quad pipe outlet diffuser
2. BMW performance side skirts: custom vents added
3. Hartge 4 tip exhaust (powder coated black tips), mid pipe silencer removed.
4. BMW performance carbon fiber mirror covers
5. Roof: painted BMW brilliant black
6. front lights: grey tint covers
7. clear armor the front
8. rear lights and brake lights: paint lite smoke tint
9. Dinan: stage 2 ECU remap. awesome performance gains
10. AST coilover suspension, model #5100: springs rate 450 front and rear. Additional drop of 3/8 in rear, and 1/4 in front
11. X5 White LED Angel Eyes
12. ASR cold air intake (powder coated white to match eng. bay) and TIAL BOV
13. custom forged (21-22 lbs ea.) wheels: 20 X 10 rear, 285/250/20, 20 X 8.5 front, 235/30/20,powder coated satin black, Pirelli tires P-zeros: 235 X 30/20 front, 285 X 25/20 rear
14. BWM Performance aero bumper with BMW Performance cooling package
15. Customer front diffuser (fabricated out of CRF)

16. Black veneer center console and dashboard trim
17. BMW motorsports alcantera sport wheel (incredible look and feel)
18. BMW motorsports alcantera shift knob and boot
19. BMW motorsports alcantera hand brake lever and boot
20. Custom alcantera door pulls (pulled off the originals and had stitched and covered in alcantara to match the rest)
21. Custom alcantera arm rest, with matching stiching (covered the original)

A truly “custom” car….with items that can be added to anyone’s car.  This is the only BMW E82 135i that we are aware of that runs 20″ wheels, and has NO RUBBING on any of the corners.  This took quite a bit of playing to get the spring rates, spring lengths and alignment settings to work without tradeoffs (no aggressive negative camber to make them all fit….as that too quickly destroys tires).








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