BMW E93 M3 Vert Supercharged

BMW E93 after2

The project here was quite simple. We need MO Go, Mo Stop, and Mo Handling. So, that’s what we set out to do. With each car, we have to select from a different toy box to achieve the results, and that certainly is true w the current E93 M3. The objective with this project for this customer was not to produce the meanest M3, or a track M3, but an enhanced M3, with more power, better exhaust, better handling, and better stopping power. To know the best options for each of these elements, we had to review the base package that would be the canvas for this project.

Project Car – Before, the “base canvas”

BMW E93 before5

The motor is very sweet, very strong. We didn’t want just a little MO Go…we wanted a lot more. To get a lot more, we needed some significant power adders, so Supercharging was the approach.? We have installed a TON of VF Engineering systems, so this was the choice for this project.? Good power, good value, great details and a very complete kit.? The other advantage of the VF Engr kit is that you have multiple power options….you can start at Stage 1 and move to a Stage 2 or 3 at any time.? The upgrades just involve the addition of an intercooler, different SC pulley ratio, and upgraded software w each kit.


The excitement always builds when we receive the bits and pieces –


The main SuperCharger and mounting plate –



The engine before the start of installation –

BMW E93 eng before2

Like most BMW SuperCharger installations, the fitment and area to install the new parts is very tight.? All the parts for the V* go in the area where the stock intake exists.? The kit includes the SC, the SC mounting plate, the appropriate pulleys for the new belt drive, a new intake plenum, all hoses, vacuum lines, new intake and filter…everything you need.? To start, we need to remove all the peripherals on the front of the engine, and the current OEM intake plenum.

BMW E93 eng install1

BMW E93 eng install6

BMW E93 eng install7

BMW E93 eng install9



If a customer asks us what our first enhancement would be for a car….we will say exhaust.? Its not that they do much for performance….they don’t really anymore.? Most OEM exhaust systems these days flow exceptionally well, so the old adage that you need to let your engine flow better w an upgraded exhaust is? just not the case.? But, manufacturers do make exhausts that are robust, and QUIET.? If you have a performance car, it needs to have a voice…it needs to be able to express itself.? Part of the allure of a sport car and driving it is how it interacts w your senses.? Well…nothing is better than being able to hear the car express itself, and sing a sweet sound at the press of the pedal.

If you then ask us what the best exhaust is for a BMW….it is simple.? Akraprovic.? Fitment, quality, looks, completeness, weight reduction, options, tip selection, and SOUND.? Nothing beats it.? So, that’s exactly what we picked for this project.? The bad news….when you have an exhaust that sounds as good as this….you want to let the car sing its song all the time, which means you need to pay close attention to the speedometer…..and to heck w gas mileage….we want to have this car scream!? LOVE IT.

Akra BMW E9x tit exh

Akra BMW E93 exh ctr1

BMW E93 after6


Suspension is still an area that many cars can benefit from, even if they are just street cars.? BMW has a hard line to walk, the market is calling for a high end sports car, w outstanding handling.? Yet, 90% and more of the time, the car is still going to be used as a daily driver / commuter.? That’s why so many of the current generation suspension systems are coming w driver selectable suspension settings – normal, sport, and sport +.? But even that doesn’t address all the pieces.? If you also want a more aggressive and better handling, you need to upgrade the shock valving, and springs.? This should always be done as a package and matched as much as possible.? We love the option that the Bilstein PSS10 offers….dual shock settings (both rebound and compression) in a single, easily reachable and adjustable knob on the shock.

So many of? the quote “adjustable” suspension kits don’t offer dual adjustment, and if they do, they make it virtually impossible to adjust once installed in the car.? What good is an expensive coil-over system if you can’t easily adjust it or make changes?

The other benefit of a coil-over kit, like the Bilstein PSS10 is that you now have height adjustment on both the struts and rear spring seats.? Now you can also dial in the look and ride height of the car to meet your specific requirements.? For this car, it was being used as a daily driver, but we did want a slightly more aggressive stance.

Bils PSS10 BMW E9x

BMW E93 PSS9-1

BMW E93 PSS9-2

This BMW M3 had the EDC suspension system installed as a factory option…so, when upgrading the suspension, consideration needs to be given to how the new suspension will work w the car after the install, as the car thinks it still has electronic adjustment.? To solve that, we implemented an EDC emulator…simple little box to plug into the control module (the box is simple, and plugs right in…however, getting to where that box / control module is in a convertible BMW is NOT an easy task…be prepared if you consider doing this for spending a lot of time to get body parts and interior out of the way to gain access to this system).

BMW EDC module


With the upgrade in power, and handling to take advantage of that, we need to address the brakes as well.? There are really only two options for street cars if you are looking to upgrade the braking performance of a car.? You can replace the pads w an upgraded, street/performance pad set, or you can move to a Big Brake Kit.? If you try to get better pad performance on a street brake kit, you are going to end up w a pad set that makes noise….it will squeal like a wild pig.? It will stop better, but upgraded pads also only work well when they are warm…when you are pulling out of your driveway in the morning, and its cold outside, and you go to stop the car and you wake all the neighbors cause of the noise from your race pads….that gets old fast.? So, the only real option is to upgrade the complete brake system…w a big brake kit (BBK).? That was exactly what we needed to do here. For a BBK, there is no better VALUE than a StopTech kit.? We do not like kits like Willwood….too many quality issues, and they just plain don’t work.? Brembo is the best there is, but the price to get the best is also a concern. So, for this project, StopTech it was.? 6-piston system up front and 4-piston for the rear.? Nice, slotted 2-piece rotors, upgraded street/performance pad set, and stainless steel brake lines.? Add the right brake fluid upgrade (StopTech, Motul, or Endless if you want the best), and you have it.




BMW E93 after3

You’ll also notice, if you look closely at the image below of the front wheel, that we added the colored front bumper reflectors..painted to match the color of the car, to add the refinement of a complete project.

BMW E93 after4


Wheels are probably the most upgraded option on all cars…and this car needed upgraded wheels.? To provide a bigger rubber patch to put the power down, and to showcase the sexy pieces now inside the wheels.? But there are as many options, styles, looks. colors in wheels as there can be. Our customer selected a set of Klassen Forged light weight, V-spoke wheels.



RESULT – a hoot of a car.? Be prepared to save lots of money to spend on tires…w this much power on tap, and w the upgraded suspension and brakes, tires will not last long.? But, what FUN!

BMW E93 after5

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