BMW Revises Oil Change Interval

We had just posted and documented the change MINI Cooper had made on the oil change interval (decreasing it to 10,000 miles from 15,000 miles), and now BMW releases this update for all cars to do the same (BMW Service Bulletin B000113, Attachment 5). What is odd about the BMW change, is that it only applies to cars going forward, not to the older cars (even though many have the exact chassis, engine, options, etc…no change or difference whatsoever). That does not make any sense to us. BMW also made some changes to the other maintenance items (the other odd one is the interval on some of the transmissions, which, before had been “lifetime” fluid…..apparently, on some models, lifetime is no longer lifetime on them).

We have always recommended to our customers 7,500 miles or once a year. We have seen too many issues lately (spun rod bearings on an M5 motor, timing chain issues on the MINI Cooper, turbo seal issues on the newer BMW motors) that we can relate to oil, oil level, and oil quality. With the advent of “direct injected” engines, we are also seeing a change in the amount of carbon in the oil. Therefore, more frequent oil changes are required.

Here is the BMW announcement –

2014 model year vehicles built prior to July 2013 utilized a 15,000 mile/24 month engine oil Condition Based Service (CBS) interval. This interval is triggered by the presence of option code 8KC.
All 2014 model year vehicles produced as of July 2013 will incorporate a new basic interval for the engine oil service. The new CBS interval is every 10,000 miles or 12 months (option code 8KL). The 10,000 mile interval pertains to the gasoline as well as the new diesel-fueled engines of the 328d and 535d.
The Key Reader/ISPA Light application will recognize the production month and/or the respective option code, and specify the corresponding interval and its related maintenance operations.
BMW vehicles’ CBS computes the actual optimum maintenance requirements based not only upon the accumulated mileage, but also taking into account important factors pertaining to fuel consumption such as high or low engine engine speeds, shot to long-trip driving.? Such computations can result in variation’s from the 10,000 mile interval and correspondingly, when an engine oil service will actually display”Recommended” or “Due.”

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