When we take on a “project” car build, we have a specific set of goals and objectives to achieve.  We aim to create a truly special car and experience, and one that fully demonstrates all that a car can be, and one that is fully ready for the trials of day to day driving, as well as the full rigors of track duty at the limit.

With the BRracing BMW E46 M3, we had that in mind, and exceeded everyones expectations.

Robbs Glamour shot

But…..the real gauge is often how well the broader public responds to the project….we may think its great, but what others think and validate is the real key.

In this case, we gained the attraction of media, but also the attention of a PRO RACER.

As you often see in magazine articles, cars that get evaluated by Pro Racers come under a hard eye, and by someone who is very skilled, and knows a “player” from a “poser”.  No telling a Pro Racer that the car “kinda” works….they know what works, and what doesn’t, and when it becomes their personal car, they need a true player.  Well, BRracing has been honored when a Pro Racer went looking for a new weapon to put into his arsenal, and he looked no farther than our BMW E46 M3 project car.   The Pro Racer is the up and conquering Matt Bell, who raced in the Grand-Am Daytona Prototype series in 2010 along with the Grand-Am Continental GS series.

Matt Bell – “When I wanted to find the perfect platform for a private track coaching car, the best car I could imagine was the BMW E46 M3. It is the chassis I started my career with and the car with which I’ve had my most successful season (when racing with Turner Motorsport). It is superbly balanced, has a brilliant M-Sport motor, and offers the sort of driver feedback expected of a full race car. When I knew I needed a substantial and well-rounded BMW, I knew I had to check out what Robb at BRRacing had in stock. What he ended up showing me in his garage was beyond expectations. The Alpine White M3 recently sold to me is perfect for what I need, and despite being a former daily driver, has all the pristine features you’d expect on a show car. Bruce and Rob definitely make everyone who walks in their door feel like an insider, a friend, and produce killer cars.  This is no pretender, this is a perfect combo weapon.”

We couldn’t hope for more ……but, now, were down a project car….but, we already have our sites on our next project……something again that no one has done…and has all the right elements for a great combo car…..woo hoo.

BRracing….performance at the limit.