Again…..wanting to be on the front edge of all new product development, BRracing has teamed w StopTech Brakes to introduce the new kit for the Porsche Cayman S (987c).

With many of our customers taking their cars to the track, one of the first shortcoming to rear its head are the brakes….even w Porsche, and the mighty Brembo brakes that come on the car stock, they are no match when pushed to the limit on the track.  We have seen this with ceramic brakes, with the big brakes on the BMW E82 135i, on Ferrari’s…..and the track requires a completely different animal, that can take the abuse, the heat, and provide outstanding braking capability.

Earlier this year, a Porsche racing series was formed for the Porsche Cayman S car in the midwest, and what all those owners found out, was that the car was amazing, but they all needed better brakes.  So, looking to the leading brake manufacturers, they found StopTech at the ready to produce a custom version of their standard race kit.  That product has been tested for the last couple of months in 2010, and now, after the testing has been complete, they were ready to test (this is NOT released yet…as we are partnering w StopTech to help them bring this product to the market).  Due to the diversity of BRracing customers base, and our growing track population, we had a customer just waiting for this solution.

This is just for the front to start….and here is an image of the new kit –




Just like all StopTech kits….the ST60 (6 piston kit) has pistons specifically sized for this Porsche application….no standard fitment, all custom, to match the specific braking friction target needed for the car.

Here is a pic of the standard brakes on the Cayman S before we start the new installation –



The installation is picture perfect…the fitment leaves plenty of room, which allows the brakes to work on either 18″ wheels, or the 19″ wheels you see here (the customer also has a separate set of 19″ track wheels).


To mate to this new kit, we went with Performance Friction (PFC) race pads (PF-01 compound), which we have found to be great on the track, with just the right combination of bite and pedal modulation.  This car is running with Pagid Black race pads on the rear…as we needed a little more bite at the rear to compensate for the larger brakes on the front… help balance the overall braking performance.

And…we can report…that today, the car has been fully tested at Laguna Seca (August 21, 2010 ), and the customer was able to drop over 2 seconds on their lap times with the new brake system.  Confidence, performance, results……

The new kit looks great on the car as well…


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