BRracing MINI R56 roll bar / harness bar

A key concern when starting to actively track or play with your car is safety.  And how do you add the safety needed, yet retain the daily driving aspects of the car?  Do there always have to be trade-offs, or can you create a solution that works in both worlds……daily driving and track activities?

That is exactly what we have designed in the new BRracing MINI MCS R56 roll bar / harness bar.  We added all the elements for safety (main roll bar hoop, down bars, X-brace for added rigidity and support, and the horizontal harness bar for proper location of the harnesses, and full utilization and range of movement of the front seats).  But, unlike so many other solutions, we didn’t want to design this such that holes or welds or cuts needed to be made to the car to implement.  So the BRR is a complete “bolt-in” solution that provides all the benefits, and even more.  We added the thick backing plates as well, to ensure we can sandwich the car to provide the complete integrated strength.

The “down bars” and “X-brace” have been designed such that if the rear seats are needed for use, with just four bolts…..POP, out come the bars, and you have full use of the rear seats, even w the main hoop still in the car.  No interference to getting into and out of the back seat.  No interference to the rear seat passengers.   Yet, even if you leave the down bars in the car, the driver has complete vision out the back and out the side rear quarter windows.   No tradeoffs – only benefits.

Here is one of our customers with the bar already installed (the white MINI), and the blue MINI about to have one installed.


Here are the details of the bar after it was installed in the blue MINI.  You can see the fine tolerances and clearances on both the sides and the top.  And you can get it in any color to match your car or interior (powder coated).

Made of full Chrom-moly 1.5″ x .125 tubing, and TIG welded with 360 degree seams, the system not only fits perfect, but is the perfect combination….much lighter due to the use of Chrom-moly tubing, and incredibly strong.


The down bars and X-brace integrate into the structure, to leverage the existing strength points.  The horizontal harness bar bends in a “U” shape to provide complete clearance of the front seat in full articulation and movement.


For the rear attachment, we place a complete “L” based plate under the rear plastic cover, and it attaches to the body in existing bolt holes, and provides the perfect angle of support  while leveraging the rear body structure.


The results –

A great safety solution, allowing the use of harnesses as well, to provide the advantages for all track and autocross activities… seen here w the car in competition, and gaining some additional structural rigidity to the car as well.

BRracing harness bar

– Strong

– Complete bolt-in

– Powder coated to match your car

– Great value, proven solution

Nick MINI marina autox

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