What ANTIFREEZE to use?

WE have LOTS of customers asking us, and wondering about, what the right antifreeze is for their car.   And, there are lots of different versions - North America coolant [...]

What ANTIFREEZE to use?2010-12-12T15:45:17-08:00

Carbon Fiber – is there a difference?

Technical Article As more and more parts become available in composites for cars, we all will need to learn what makes one version any different than another version.  Why is [...]

Carbon Fiber – is there a difference?2010-11-22T15:01:28-08:00

Motor oils – a primer

Almost all the cars we now work on use synthetic oils, but there still seems to be some confusion on what the types of oils are, and what the differences [...]

Motor oils – a primer2010-05-16T20:19:15-07:00

StopTech Brakes – what makes them special?

There are lots of brake kits out there....but BRracing has chosen to focus and only promote two manufacturers....Brembo and StopTech.  So, why?  What makes these brakes so special?  And why [...]

StopTech Brakes – what makes them special?2010-05-16T07:30:37-07:00

Tires – Which ones for track duty?

Even with the great progression tires have made over the last period of years, the OEM and high performance tires are really no match for the track.  Or, you have [...]

Tires – Which ones for track duty?2010-05-16T06:41:09-07:00

Brakes – “bedding” – what is it?

BRracing often takes extra steps when we are installing brakes (pads and rotors) on our customers cars, and we "bed" the new pads and rotors.  This is not something most [...]

Brakes – “bedding” – what is it?2010-05-16T06:41:19-07:00
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