BRracing continues to grow, in ALL three of its business units (Service, Parts, and Racing), even in the very tough economic climate we have been experiencing now for 2 years.  But, as the growth continues, so do the needs and demands of our customers and programs.

We had started an “Arrive and Drive” program this last year for some of our more dedicated track junkies.  The “Arrive and Drive” program provides everything a customer could want for the best in a track day experience.  We (BRR) transport the car, spare parts, spare wheels and tires, all the tools and supplies needed for the track day to the track, setup the car and equipment, shade, tents, etc in the pits, unload and prepare the car for track use, and have the car ready for the first session.  If desired, we can provide instruction, data acquisition with our data analysis and video tools, car setup and corner balancing (wireless scales) and multi-media interaction during the day as well to provide the best in feedback and direction to get the most from your car or that particular track.  During the day, we also check all fluids, fill the car with fuel, check and record tire pressures and temps, run diagnostics on the car to ensure all is working properly, and if needed, can perform most repairs and fixes and tunes during the day so that the day doesn’t end early…..and you get the most from the investment and time you set aside for the track day (we had one customer recently who had a hard time getting his schedule to work to align with track dates, finally found a date, came to the track, and in the first session, have an issue.  Normally, that would have been the end of the day and the track opportunity.  But, with BRR there, we were able to diagnose the issue, provide a fix with the compliment of spare parts we now carry, and get him back on the track for the 2nd session.  You should have seen the smile on his face…and the rest of the day went great)…..that’s what a great track day should be.

With this growth, and it doesn’t take much, you can quickly understand the impact on logistics of getting multiple cars, equipment, crew, etc to the track to provide this support.  Therefore, we needed to add to our transportation and equipment capacity, and added a new 42′, triple axle “stacker” trailer  with lift gate and new Kodiak diesel tow rig.   These are amazing additions to the BRR arsenal, and really make supporting the customer complete.  We can pick up a car, or pull it out of our car storage program (which is also almost full again, even with the addition of the 2nd building), have all the parts, tools, jacks, nitrogen tanks, radio equipment, camera equipment, etc…..even our Aprilla pit scooter for quick access to any area of the pits….. already to go, and get the crew to the track and back easily, safely, and securely.  The new trailer, besides having “stacking” ability to carry multiple cars in the one trailer, also has a “media room”, where the video and data can be displayed on our large 32″ LCD TV, so that we can sit in the lounge area and review the track session.  Both the main trailer  and the media lounge have their own dedicated AC systems so that we can stay cool even on the hotest of days at Thunderhill or Buttonwillow. There are also additional smaller monitors if the customer needs a larger display for their portable computer (MAC or PC), so they can stay connected during the track day.   The truck is awesome as well, with LARGE compartment to haul 5 crew members, and has all the power needed to pull the full trailer (even up the nasty hill leading into and out of Laguna Seca….which is most truck drivers nightmare).  With the media room, and ability to sleep in the trailer if needed, we can even haul for the long go… to Road Atlanta, or Watkins Glen, or Mosport in Canada……where would you like to go?

We will continue to add to the diversity of tools and equipment that we bring with us, and now have committed customers for all of this capacity and more, so look for BRR to add another rig setup this next year to meet the growing demand.

Come see the truck and trailer…..we’re the only shop we’re aware of in our area offering this full program for customers, and where we can also provide instruction ourselves (Bruce and Robb are both certified instructors), or enlist some of our Pro Racing friends for the ultimate experience (Matt Bell, Tommy, Johannes, Conrad all provided instruction to our customers this past year as part of our program).

Make the most of your track day…..come join us in 2011 (we averaged over 1 track day a month in 2010 for our customers).

See our GALLERY on our website here for more images of the track, trailer, and setup at a recent track day, and our BMW E82 135i loaded on the stacker portion of the trailer.