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If you are not familiar with the new AccessPORT hand held tuner…then feast your eyes on the new generation tuning tools. The AccessPORT is an all-in-one tuning tool.? It not only always you to do the tuning (select the file you want, from stock and original OEM file to any other file you have downloaded), but also is a diagnostic tool (you can read and clear codes).? But there is actually a lot more.

Here is the details on the AccessPORT tool –

Engine Management

– Power – Modern vehicles are very sensitive to performance modifications. Simply changing an intake can have a dramatic, even degrading effect on performance and driveability. This is because modern ECUs (Engine Control Units) use very precise sensors to collect data in order to calculate appropriate fuel, ignition and cam phasing responses. Modifying a vehicle with performance parts will most likely cause one or more sensors to be improperly calibrated, feeding erroneous data to the ECU and contaminating the response. This is why changing a part as simple as an intake or a panel filter can cause the engine to run too lean, too rich, or even stumble.

The AccessPORT is the device that enables recalibration of sensors and manipulation of data on the factory ECU. It provides the capability to reflash select segments of information that are stored in the computer that control engine function. These segments of data that are written to the ECU are collectively referred to as maps. Our engineers and calibration specialists create maps that modify sensor calibrations, lookup table values and algorithms to ensure that the ECU is receiving accurate information and responding in an appropriate way.

COBB Tuning provides Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps for the most common modifications made by performance enthusiasts. These OTS maps recalibrate the appropriate sensors and modify tables with more aggressive settings. The result is increased power output, improved response and better driveability, since all of the components are working together in harmony. It is the ultimate integration of performance and sophistication as the manufacturer’s complex and precise engine management logic and ECU data integrity is retained.

The beauty of the AccessPORT is that it can continue to grow with additional modifications beyond the scope of the OTS maps. For more extreme modifications, COBB Tuning AccessTUNER software can be used to create custom tuned maps that match the modifications perfectly. COBB’s extensive network of professional tuners are available to custom dyno tune any modification configuration. For those that want to take on the challenge of tuning their own vehicle, AccessTUNER Race is downloadable software with all of the tuning capabilities as used by our professional tuners.

Logic – Automobile manufacturers spend enormous amounts of money on the research and development required to create the complex engine management systems that are found in modern vehicles. They put significant effort into sophisticated logic that controls power output, fuel efficiency, exhaust emissions, hardware protection, self diagnosis, etc. Modern Engine Control Units (ECUs) are very refined and ensure proper engine operation at all times; cold starting, warm starting, extreme heat or cold temperatures, many different fuel blends and a wide ranges of altitudes. The manufacturer even builds in contingency plans to protect the engine in the event of sensor failures or other component failures by limiting power output until the faults are rectified.

The AccessPORT seamlessly integrates with the manufacturers solution. The AccessPORT changes specific table values in order to recalibrate sensors and optimize fuel, ignition and cam phasing to generate safe and reliable power gains. Stock logic is retained so that the ECU continues to operate as the manufacturer intended. This translates into impressive power gains with all of the intelligence, sophistication and protection that the manufacturer built into the system.

In some cases the factory ECU just was not designed to support some of the functionality that enthusiasts desire. For these situations, COBB Tuning develops and tests additional logic that allows for different functionality should the user want it. This can range from implementing flat-foot shifting, launch control, MAP based tuning or disabling DTC codes, limp modes and limitation tables.

The AccessPORT delivers many features found only in a stand-alone ECU with all of the sophistication and reliability found in a factory ECU.

Integrity – High performance cars are meant to be fun, but as performance increases, so does risk. The automobile manufacturers have developed data checking algorithms on their Engine Control Units (ECU) to ensure that the data held within is intact. With more and more of the vehicle’s systems being controlled electronically by the ECU, including throttle control, it is increasingly important to detect corrupt data and intercede in an appropriate fashion.

COBB Tuning puts forth significant effort to maintain the factory data integrity functions of the ECU. Start-up checksums remain in place while using the AccessPORT, unlike many other reflash tuning solutions which simply zero out the checksums in order to trick the ECU without verifying data integrity.

Validating ECU data integrity is a critical component in maintaining a high degree of safety for internal engine components as well as personal safety. Consider the effects that corrupt data can have in drive-by-wire throttle control on a high horsepower car or the fueling tables in an expensive motor build and the implications are clear.

AccessPORT tuned cars retain these important safety checks as deemed necessary by the manufacturer.

DTC Defeat – Off-road motorsport racing activities do not have the same strict rules regarding engine emissions and safety warnings required for street use. The AccessPORT enables the user to turn off certain Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) related to emission controls and other warnings that can be distracting in motorsport racing environments.

Disabling the DTC’s that are irrelevant in racing keeps the DTC warning lamp useful for when other more important trouble codes are found.


Simple Installation – The AccessPORT is one of the easiest modifications you can make to your high performance vehicle. On a scale of one to four wrenches, the AccessPORT is half a wrench. Drawn in crayon. No tools are needed and no computer connection is required. Just plug the AccessPORT into the OBD-II port under the dashboard and follow the simple step-by-step on-screen instructions. In just a few minutes you will have a new performance map loaded on your ECU and you will be ready to experience the additional power and driveability of a proper tune for your modifications.

Change MAPS – The AccessPORT can store up to 20 maps so you can be ready for any challenge. Use the Change Map function to browse the maps stored on your AccessPORT and select the map most appropriate for what you want to do. Parking your car overnight? Load the Anti-Theft map. Handing your car over to a valet for dinner? Switch to the Valet map to prevent abuse. Running down the drag strip to beat your last ET? Fill up the tank with race gas and load up your race fuel map. Heading out on a long boring highway drive? Perfect time for that fuel economy map.

It’s like an MP3 player for your engine. The “songs” are maps and the “music” plays through the exhaust! What song is up next? You decide.

Base MAPS – The AccessPORT comes pre-loaded with maps to get you on your way, right away. Once the AccessPORT is installed on your car, you will have the following base maps to choose from:

Stock Mode: The stock mode map uses the same calibrations that came from the factory. The stock mode map is a great way to re-establish a baseline when comparing tunes as it lets the engine behave the same way it did before installing the AccessPORT.

Stage 1 Maps: These maps are performance maps that are designed for vehicles with no engine modifications or mild modifications such as a cat-back exhaust.

Stage 1+ Maps: These are performance maps for vehicles with an upgraded intake system. Aftermarket intakes can dramatically change the airflow pattern across the MAF sensor which can generate incorrect readings and make the engine run lean or rich. A Stage 1+ map recalibrates the MAF sensor for the specific aftermarket intake system you are using.

Stage 2 Maps: These maps are geared towards performance upgrades that reduce restrictions in the exhaust system. If you have replaced the factory downpipe from the turbo, added race headers or replaced the factory catalytic converter with a high flow cat, a Stage 2 map is what you are looking for.

Stage 2+ Maps: These maps address both upgraded intake modifications and the high flow exhaust enhancements of Stage 2.

For even more map selection, be sure to visit our Online AccessPORT Map Database. Click on the Maps and Map Notes button that corresponds to the manufacurer of your vehicle. Here you will find many more maps that are designed for additional aftermarket parts manufacturers, race fuels, turbo upgrades, ethanol and more!

Performance – Every AccessPORT has built in Performance Monitors. These are great for showing the performance of your vehicle in the current state of tune with the modifications you have installed as well as helping to quantify performance gains when you make additional modifications. These are also great tools to help you improve your skills at the drag strip. It’s like printing off your own time slip any time you want!

The following Performance Monitors are available:
60′ Time:?? ?Elapsed time to 60′ distance. Indicates how well your car is hooking up off the line.
330′ Time:?? ?Elapsed time to 330′ distance.
0-60 mph:?? ?See where your car stacks up against the 0-60mph times published in the major car magazines.
1/8 Mile:?? ?Elapsed time and vehicle speed at 1/8 mile distance (660′).
1000′ Time:?? ?Elapsed time to 1000′ distance.
1/4 Mile:?? ?Elapsed time and vehicle speed at 1/4 mile distance.
Dynamometer:?? ?This monitor simulates a dynamometer. Based on vehicle weight and acceleration rates, it estimates the horsepower of your engine. This is a great tool for evaluating performance gains after completing new modifications or installing a different performance map.

Data Logging – The AccessPORT functions as a hand-held data logging device. There is no need for a clunky PC to ride shotgun with you in the passenger seat. Just plug the AccessPORT into the OBD-II port, select Data Logging from the menu and choose which monitors you wish to data log. Choose as few or as many monitors as you like. Hit enter and data logging begins. Once the data gathering is complete, hit the enter button again. The data is stored as a data log file within the AccessPORT. The AccessPORT can store up to 10 individual data logs and the combined duration of data logs can be up to 10 hours.

The data logs are stored on the AccessPORT for as long as you want them there. Just unplug the AccessPORT and put it in your pocket, back-pack or briefcase. Your data goes with you with all the portability of an MP3 player. To analyse the data, simply plug the AccessPORT into any PC and download the data logs. The data can then be imported into your favorite spreadsheet or graphing software for detailed analysis.

Data logging monitors consist of both raw data types and calculated data types. Some examples of data logging monitors are throttle position, boost, ignition advance, wastegate duty cycle, mass air flow, fuel trim, battery voltage, intake temperature, coolant temperature, injector duty cycle, air/fuel ratio, knock correction, knock learning, injector pulse width, calculated load and many more. When logging multiple monitors, it is easy to see how powerful a tuning and performance analysis tool AccessPORT Data Logging can be.

Live Data – The Live Data feature allows you to view sensor data and calculated values in real-time right on the AccessPORT. There is no need for a clunky PC to ride shotgun with you in the passenger seat. Just plug the AccessPORT into the OBD-II port, select Live Data from the menu and choose a monitor to view. Any monitor that can be data logged can also be viewed in real time using this feature. Live Data can function as an auxilliary gauge to supplement the stock gauge cluster, or it can be used to help in fine tuning custom tunes.

Unlike dedicated auxilliary gauges that can clutter up your dashboard, the AccessPORT functions as a soft gauge, allowing you to decide what gauge to display. Some examples of possible gauges are throttle position, boost, ignition advance, wastegate duty cycle, mass air flow, fuel trim, battery voltage, intake temperature, coolant temperature, injector duty cycle, air/fuel ratio, knock correction, knock learning, injector pulse width, calculated load and many more. As you can see from this small sampling, some of these monitors would be impossible to duplicate with a traditional auxilliary gauge.

The AccessPORT also has a full fuel economy suite built in for live viewing. Keep an eye on your Instantaneous Fuel Economy to see how your driving inputs affect fuel consumption. This is a great tool for helping you develop a high fuel efficiency driving style. Average Fuel Economy shows your fuel mileage for the current trip you are on. The Accumulated Average Fuel Economy shows the overall fuel mileage across multiple trips. The Reset Fuel Economy feature can be used to zero out your Average and Accumulated Average Fuel Economy and lets you start again.

As an added bonus, the AccessPORT screen can also function as a Rev Warning Light. Simply enter the RPM you want the Rev Warning Light to activate at. The screen will brightly flash red and white to alert you when that RPM has been reached, while simultaneously showing a Live Data monitor!

ECU Settings – The AccessPORT is unique in the tuning world as it gives the user the ability to control exciting ECU functions from a hand-held device. Configure launch control, flat foot shift, adjust idle and adjust timing through the easy to use on-screen interface of the AccessPORT.

Launch Control:?? ?This ECU setting adjusts the rev limit of the car while attempting to launch from a stop. The user can adjust the RPM that the engine maintains while at wide open throttle and the clutch is in. The speed that launch control disengages can also be configured.
Flat Foot Shift:?? ?Flat foot shift is logic added to the ECU to control engine RPM during a gear shift with the throttle held wide open. The user can adjust the RPM that the engine maintains while the clutch is depressed at WOT. This allows boost to be maintained between shifts and generates faster acceleration.
Adjust Idle:?? ?Allows user to adjust engine idle via the AccessPORT. Some applications even allow idle changes for air conditioning on and off separately.
Adjust Timing:?? ?Allows ignition timing adjustments to be made across the rev range via the AccessPORT.

Trouble Codes – The AccessPORT allows you to read engine codes to help troubleshoot issues and potentially save you from an expensive trip to the dealership. A brief description of the trouble code is also provided, which is handy when you don’t happen to have a shop manual in your pocket.

The AccessPORT will read any trouble code reported by the ECU. In most cases this equates to hundreds of trouble codes and descriptions to help diagnose issues where ever you may be. Once the issue is resolved, the AccessPORT can be used to clear the codes to turn off the check engine light.

Dependable / Warranty – The AccessPORT is a mature product that has been deployed on 20 different vehicle models with tens of thousands of units in the field. While firmware and software upgrades keep the AccessPORT on the leading edge of tuning capabilities, the hardware design is well proven and very dependable. COBB Tuning backs up the AccessPORT with a full 1 year warranty on on parts and service.

COBB Tuning is so confident in the capabilities of the AccessPORT that we offer a 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you purchase the AccessPORT directly from COBB Tuning and are not satisfied with the performance of the AccessPORT, return it to us within 30 days from the date of purchase and you will receive a full refund. We know that the right solution is critically important to tuning enthusiasts. COBB Tuning makes purchasing the AccessPORT from us a “no-risk” buying decision by guaranteeing sastisfaction, or your money back!

Upgradeable – The AccessPORT is designed to grow with the ever changing modifications the most demanding tuning enthusiasts aspire to. Likewise, the AccessPORT itself must change and grow to stay on the cutting edge of tuning capability.

The AccessPORT is fully upgradeable via an internet connection. The included AccessPORT Updater software automatically checks to make sure that the firmware on your AccessPORT is the most up to date version available. This ensures your AccessPORT has the latest and greatest functionality available for your vehicle model.

Off-The-Shelf Maps available in the AccessPORT Map Database are often upgraded to take advantage of the latest table discovery or new features deployed on the AccessPORT. Updated maps are publicly announced and are available for free download. The AccessPORT Manager allows easy transfer of maps and data logs between the AccessPORT and PC.

Our AccessTUNER Race and AccessTUNER Pro software also receive updates to provide additional access to tables and control of new features as ongoing ECU discovery opens up new functionality. Software upgrades are announced and download links are provided to AccessTUNER software users.

These ongoing upgrades keep the AccessPORT relevant and breaking new ground in the tuning world. This dedication improving the AccessPORT keeps it high demand and ensures impressive resale value should you ever need to sell it.

NOT all features are available for ALL cars and models.

Examples of the HP gain via the TUNE files from Cobb

– BMW E82 135i

Stage 1 TUNE MAP file – +30% Peak HP & +38% Peak TQ

Stage 2 TUNE MAP file – +51% Peak HP & +55% Peak TQ

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