Continuing with BRracings commitment to providing the finest products along with the finest service, BRracing has become a dealer and provider of the full line of HRE custom wheels.  The driving force of HRE is an intense passion for improving on the world’s finest vehicles. For over 30 years HRE has been dedicated to achieving the pinnacle in style and performance. As an automotive enthusiast and owner of a world-class vehicle, you share our passion. HRE and BRracing empowers you to achieve the unique of blend of personalization and performance.

Whether it be a unique style for your BMW, Audi, MINI, or Mercedes or the many other cars that HRE has unique wheel solutions for, BRracing can provide the one stop solution…wheels, tires, and mount and balance.  Turn your car into an extraordinary example of what you want it to be.

HRE now has two major lines of wheels…their traditional 3-piece design range, and a new range of monoblok forged one piece wheels.  You can check out the full line of HRE wheels at –

For more information on the full line of HRE wheels and fitment options for your car….contact BRracing today.