Due to the great customers we have, BRracing has continued to grow significantly….ever year for the last 5 years.

This month represents our 5 year anniversary (started on Feb 10, 2007)….most of you know our story, that we didn’t set out to start a new business, but a passionate hobby morphed into a fledging enterprise.  We started in our garage, now we have 2 locations, nearly 10,000 square feet of service center space, over 2,000 service customers, and a growing fleet of trucks and trailers for our Motorsports business.

We have continued to add key personnel, tools, and resources to make our business the best we can.  Besides gaining technical certifications, we are also gaining other certifications to help us better serve our customers.   This past weekend, both Bruce and Robb Todd were certified as National Instructors for Porsche Club of America.  We are now instructors for most of the leading auto club and track organizations, which allows us to work closely with a very diverse group of current customers and meet potential new customers.

As a growing organization, we continue to expand the scope of services we can offer, and this month, besides serving as our 5 year anniversary, we also incorporated another 2 divisions – one being BRracing Motorsports LLC (where we will be splitting off our Motorsports activities and assets), and BRracing Performance, where we will start buying and selling used cars (the dealership side of our business).

The Motorsports side of our business has exploded, and we currently have a customer schedule for 2012 with over 22 events planed.  Look for more on the growth of this side of the business soon.

On the dealership front, we will start acquiring and selling cars, and providing them with a full CPO warranty (certified pre-owned), with multiple year terms available for the buyer.  We currently have three cars that have gone thru the program with great success.

Thanks for all your support, we can’t do any of this without your support , commitment, and participation.