BRracing Motorsports – 2024 Schedule

2023 was an amazing year for the BRracing Motorsports (BRR Motorsports) program and our customers .  New cars, new customers, new tracks….and our continuing winning ways (winning the Porsche Sprint Challenge Series GT3 Cup Championship, and winning the GT4 Clubsport Championship). Our “track customer” base continued to grow in all manners (I know, we just keep saying that), and our customers again traveled all over the scenic United States to sample and play at all sorts of tracks, hotels, airports, restaurants, and other cultural hangouts as part of their track day or racing experience. We will go wherever our customers want to go, and in 2023 we again traveled far East along with all of the normal West coast tracks.  These are some of the tracks our customers traveled, tested, raced at during 2023;  Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Thunderhill, Buttonwillow, Thermal, Spring Mountain, Utah Motorsports Park, Road America, Indianapolis, Arizona Motorsport Park, APEX, and Circuit of the Americas. And we thank all of our customers for such a great year…and for having such a great time together as a group. BRR Motorsport customers also progressed throughout the year…with customers setting new course lap records, more podiums than ever before, more wins, more championships.  Due to our depth of experience, expertise, results, and service offerings…we had several new customers join BRR Motorsports in 2023, and the scope and type of cars we supported expanded that needed full race or track support (this is a large sample of the type of cars we currently are supporting: Porsche Spec Boxster, Porsche 997.1 Cup Cars, 997.2 Cup Cars, 991.1 & 991.2 Cup Cars, 992 Cup Cars, BMW race cars, Porsche 981 & 718 GT4 Clubsports).

We have several ICONIC events coming in 2024:  Porsche Sprint Challenge running w IndyCar (twice, once at Barber, once at Laguna), DirtFish driver development (January, this is the3rd year we have taken customers to this 3-day program).

BRracing Motorsports offers the following services for track activities: (1) Race Car or Track Car Storage, (2) Transportation, (3) Track / Crew support, (4) Setup / alignment / corner balancing (5) Full track car / race car service / maintenance / upgrades, (6) Tires – Mounting / Balancing, (7) Instruction, (8) Video analysis, (9) Complex data acquisition and analysis. One of the areas we focussed on in 2023 was the expansion of our driver development program.  Besides normal coaching sessions (in car, via data and video), we also expanded our driver simulation training, DirtFish program, and Porsche Ice Driving Programs.  We also rented tracks for private testing so that we could have full use of the skidpad (dry and water).  We now have a full driver development program to take a customer from normal DE events all the way to full Pro racing.

Here is the current schedule or plan for 2024. Check back often, as we expect to add other “private” track & testing days, and more events as the outlook becomes more clear:

January: 4-6, 2024 –  Driver Development Program, (DIRTFISH)(DONE)

January: 12-14, 2024 –  Thermal Winter Series Club Race (Thermal)(DONE)

January 20, 2024 – Tech Talk Series #1 (BRracing Motorsports, Campbell)(DONE)

February 3, 2024 – BMW M Car Meet, Cars & Coffee (BRracing, Los Gatos)(DONE)

February 11, 2024 – Tech Talk Series #2 (BRracing Service Center, Campbell)(DONE)

February: 17-18, 2024 –  PCA Instructor Training and DE  (Thunderhill Raceway)(DONE)

February: 23-25, 2024 –  Thermal Winter Series Club Race (Thermal)(DONE)

March: 22-24, 2024 –  Thermal Winter Series Club Race  (Thermal)(DONE)

March: 29-31, 2024 –  PSC (Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch) (DONE)

April: 5-7, 2024 –  PCA DE and Club Race (Thunderhill Raceway)(DONE)

April 5-7, 2024 – Thermal Winter Series Club Race (Thermal)(DONE)

April 22-23, 2024 – Utah Motorsports Complex, Private Test (Utah)(DONE)

April: 26-28, 2024 –  PSC (Barber Motorsports Park) (with Indycar)

May: 3-5, 2024 –  PCA DE DE and Club Race (Buttonwillow Raceway)(DONE)

May: 10-12, 2024 –  PSC (Utah Motorsports Campus)(DONE)

May: 24-26, 2024 –  PSC (Circuit of the Americas), PSC Enduro

May 30, 2024 – Laguna, Private Test Day

June: 21-23, 2024 –  PSC Laguna Seca (with Indycar), 

June: 28-30, 2024 –  PCA DE Club Race (Sonoma Raceway)

July: Nothing yet

August: 9-11, 2024 –  PSC (Road America), PSC Enduro

September: 6-8, 2024 –  PCA DE and Club Race – (Laguna Seca)

September: 27-29, 2024 –  PSC (Sonoma Raceway), PSC Enduro

October: 11-13, 2024 –  PCA DE and Club Race (Thunderhill Raceway)

November 22-24, 2024 – PSC 6 Hour Enduro (Circuit of the Americas)