2016 Pirelli Cup – BRracing Motorsport – Multiple Class CHAMPIONS

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Racing cars is a lot of fun, but racing to WIN is like any sport….its tough to win. There are many who will invest all they can — in team, in engineering, in tires, in testing, in development…everything, to find the advantage or edge, and to give them a chance of winning.  Even when things are looking good, you still have to have things go your way.  As much as you would like, its not always in your control, and therefore, teams and competitors will do even more to ensure a higher probability of success. The 2016 season in the Pirelli Drivers Cup season was MAGICAL for BRracing Motorsports.  Relatively new to this semi-Pro level of racing, the results for 2016 exceeded everyone’s expectations and objectives.  All teams start the season with the best of hopes, dreams, and the top teams aim high…a season championship in one of the three classes (Porsche 991 Cup Car, Porsche 997.2 Cup Car, and new for 2016, Porsche 981 GT4 ClubSport).

BRracing Motorsports ran two cars for the season, and aimed for championships in both the Porsche 991 Cup Car class, and the new Porsche 981 GT4 Clubsport class.  They also entered several customers in the Porsche 997.2 class…but did not have any customers targeting a full season in the 997.2 class.  The results are STUNNING….over the moon.


BRracing’s Porsche 991 Cup Car had the following results:
– SEASON championship winner (Robb Todd driver, David O’Rourke’s car)
– 7 1st place finishes in 13 races
– 3 2nd place finishes in 13 races
– 3 3rd place finished in 13 races
– On the podium at every race
– Qualified on pole in 6 races
– Bested over 18 competitors in the 991 Cup Car class in 2016 season
– Beat some of the top Porsche racing teams in North America (Flying Lizard, Kelly/Moss, TRG, Competition Motorsports, and more)




BRracing’s Porsche 981 GT4 Clubsport had the following results:
– SEASON championship winner (Kevin Woods, driver, owner)
– 6 1st place finishes in 16 races
– 2 2nd place finishes in 16 races
– 3 3rd place finished in 16 races
– on the podium at every venue
– Over 25 competitors in the 981 GT4 class in 2016
– Beat the same top Porsche racing teams in the series
– Qualified on pole for almost every venue
– Set many of the races “fastest” lap times


Other BRracing Motorsports 2016 Pirelli Cup Results –


BRracing Motorsports also had several other customers enter in the 2016 Pirelli Cup…and were not without results there too:
– Jesse Menczer – (991 Cup) – entered one race, finished w a 2nd and 3rd place result
– John Trefethen – (997.2 Cup) – entered two events, won 2 of the races, on podium in the other races- Jim Walsh – (997.2 Cup) – entered three events, placed on the podium 3 times
– Will Kruka – (997.2 Cup) – entered two events, placed on the podium in one race


In total, for the 2016 season of the Pirelli Cup, BRracing had the following overall results:
– facing a total of 60 other competitors, in 16 races
– 15 1st place finishes
– 9 2nd place finishes
– 9 3rd place finishes

UNBELIEVEABLE….amazing, no team w this number of entrants and facing this level of competition, has generated these types of results.

Hats off to our customers –amazing drivers and amazing results

And it all happen due to our amazing team, outstanding engineering (Jim Bell), unparalleled data analytics (Chris Brown, Justin Jang), breath taking photos/images/in car video (Ryan Holst), precise logistics (Kate Smela), flawless truck driving / transportation (Stan, Joey, Scott) (we logged over 25k miles among our various SEMI trailers / trucks (3 team SEMI trucks / trailers), we did over 10 other testing and racing events as part of the 2016 season as of this date (more to come in 2016), we were on the road every 2 weeks since January 2016), we had over 20 crew members support the team / our customers in 2016. As the saying goes, it takes an army to make it all happen….but it has to be a GREAT ARMY to get these types of results…and BRracing has a GREAT team.  None of this would be possible without our customers…THANK YOU.

Congratulations Robb!
Congratulations Kevin!