We are constantly on the search for innovative products and solutions, ones that are not just a product, but ones that make a great difference in the performance, handling, and appearance of your car.  Well, M7 Tuning, is just that for MINI’s….they produce some of the most technologically advanced solutions, that are proven to work.  As an example of the level of engineering and testing that they do to ensure their products not only look great, but achieve the results claimed, they took their MINI R56 to a full wind tunnel test to evaluate their new exterior products.  Amazing testing, but proven results….real results, that you can depend on.

As a result of that commitment and development of outstanding products, BRracing has become a M7 Tuning dealer, offering the full suite of their products to our customers.  We have already purchased and sold products of these, and look some some other “news” announcements about M7 products and BRR soon.

Here is a sample of some of the great products they have brought to the market –

AGS-R intake for the R56 MINI.  This is by far and away, THE BEST intake we have seen and installed for a MINI….period.  It has great looks, installs easily, and uses the stock hood intake to deliver the ram air intake system the MINI should have had to begin with.  It incorporates elements like a rain drain, easily changed panel air filter, and can be installed also w a heat shield to ensure optimum cold air density flow.  Add to this that it comes in both a composite version, and a Carbon Fiber version, and you also have great options….at a great price.


Add to this one of their external intake scoops, and you have a complete solution.

M7 Tuning Ram intake scoop

Contact BRracing today for any of the M7 Tuning products for your MINI, or to get more information.  And look for more news on some killer products in this space soon.

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