UPDATE – August 18, 2010

BRracing update on the details for this great drive and event.  See our original post way below for other details, or also our other www entry for more information and also the Targa Trophy web site for full details and description.

But, here are the details of who is currently listed as “entered”, and how this event works, as many of you have asked about it, but wanted to know more details.

Cars entered so far for the event (as of August 18, 2010)….this is not a complete list, but a sample so that you have the idea of who’s coming out to play

Audi R8, F430 Scuderia, BMW 335i, Mercedes E55 AMG, BRracing’s Porsche GT3, BRracing’s BMW 135i (and we will have one more car entered from our own group), Porsche Panamera S, Lotus Elise, Shelby GT500, Lexus IS-F, Porsche Cayman, Nissan GTR, Lambo Gallardo, VW R32, Audi RS4, Bentley GT Speed (more than 1 of them), Porsche 997 Turbo, BMW M3, and BMW M5.  This is not ALL of the cars, but a sample……a great list to begin with, and we expect many more of our local team to be joining.

HOW DOES THE EVENT Work?  Since this is a competitive event, and there are awards and prizes

The event is a combination of a “drive” on great roads, and the old “time and distance” rally concepts, with the best of each combined.  We will all start from San Francisco.  You will have a car number, and data will be collected (mileage of your car).  You will then be handed an event checklist…..in order…of the “checkpoints” that you need to reach in order.  You will then need to obtain proof that you were at that checkpoint, and proceed to the next one.  What is NOT defined is the route…..the organizers know the “best” route and the “best” time, but each contestant will need to find their own way between checkpoints.  Now, in some cases, there may be only one major road between the checkpoints, but in some others, there could be thousands of ways to cover the distance.

Example of route list – (this is a made up example only….not real points for the event, but should give you idea of the process and distance we will cover)

Start – W Hotel San Francisco

Checkpoint #1 – 7 eleven Store on El Camino Real, Burlingame, address XXXX

Checkpoint #2 – Blah blah restaruant in Bonny Doon

Checkpoint # 3 – Lighthouse in Half Moon Bay

Checkpoint #4 – BMW dealership on Stevens Creek in San Jose

Checkpoint #5 – In and Out Burger in Modesto

Etc  (you can see that we are going to be covering a large distance…..estimated at 300 miles, and it will take ALL day to complete…..target arrival time, if done right, is 5 or 6pm in San Francisco…..and you do know the last point, just in case you get lost somewhere along the route)

Now, since this is a competitive event, the organizers know the “BEST” route, the shortest path, the correct mileage distance.  At the checkpoints, your mileage will be recorded.  If you have gotten to the checkpoint “on time” but have extra miles…..you will be charged points.  If you get there too early…..you will be charged points.  Those with the lowest points are the leaders or winners of the event.

Hope that gives you an idea….and those coming from So. CA, who competed in the first event, know how this works, and will be coming fully prepared.  From what we have heard…they have all the electronic “aids” to make discerning the best route easier…..they will have their iPhone G4, a computer in the lap of the person in the passenger seat, they will be checking traffic and roads….and then yelling at the driver to just GO………and some competitors are using this as a marriage counseling  opportunity :)     Heck, that may be as much fun as the event.

Next – FEES….if you register thru BRracing, you get $100 off the entry fee….so, call us IMMEDIATELY to get the special rate, and to complete the registration forms needed for entry.

BUT, most of all, sign up, as we now only have a limited number of spots left.   If the guys from So. CA are driving all the way up on Friday, just to do this event, you can imagine that it must be a great event to participate with.  And, with MEDIA coverage of the event, this will be getting quite a bit of attention.  But, come on out to just have fun w the rest of us.

CALL us if you have any questions, and don’t delay.  Sign up NOW.

Next update we will provide the outline of the schedule, with the pre-event party on Friday night (August 27th), event schedule and times, and post event celebration and awards event in San Francisco Saturday night.


At BRracing, we strive to bring a complete experience to our customers, and as part of our “events” program for 2010, we have now added a completely new venue and program to the menu.   Many of you have heard of the “1 Lap of America” rally, the “Gumball 3000” rally, and the BullRun rally…..well, now add another more organized and rally series to your vocabulary.   The Targa Trophy.

BRracing has become the lead SPONSOR of the next round of the Targa Trophy, to be held right here in the Bay Area.

Other main sponsors of this event are the lead participants in the enthusiast automotive market –

– HRE Wheels

– TeamSpeed

– Hotel W (multiple locations directly participating)

– European Car Magazine

– NOS energy drink

– Black & White Car Rental of Beverly Hills

Here are some details of the Targa Trophy series….this is not just an amazing drive in some of the best roads in our areas and the other regions, but a full championship and awards program, with full press coverage.  But, unlike som many other series and events, this is not limited to some exclusive small group, this is open to all true enthusiasts.

  • 3 EVENTS  for 2010- SO CAL, San Francisco, and SCOTTSDALE
  • HUGE KICK OFF & RALLY START AT W San Francisco for the 2nd Round – August 27/28

The ultimate road rally and lifestyle event in North America is growing – bigger and better than ever!

The 4th Annual Targa Trophy Triple Crown Championship is proud to announce its partnership with select destinations of the luxury brand W Hotels and the other leading enthusiast organizations. This year the Targa Trophy Triple Crown Series will test the skill and driving prowess of it’s select participants in 3 key markets with 5 W hotel properties acting as the official host venues, from W Hollywood to W San Diego June 25 & 26, W San Francisco to W Silicone Valley & back August 27 & 28, and ending at W Scottsdale, Arizona October 16 & 17.

This years series builds upon last years success with all new rally driving adventures integrated with amazing automotive and lifestyle events for each stop of the Triple Crown. As always rally drivers objective is to complete a custom-routed path along some of the most scenic backdrops in the U.S. to place as one of the top 7 time finishers of each event for prizes of more than $100,000. Choose to participate in one event, or for true rally competitors, register for the entire 3-event challenge where the Triple Crown winner will be crowned at the finale event in Scottsdale this October.

Don’t expect a typical car event experience. The uniqueness of Targa Trophy is in its marriage of top tier entertainment with authentic automotive lifestyle in the form of nightlife, exclusive vehicle showcases, fashion and music. This years partnership with select W venues ensures a platform that will promise to deliver a world class experience from start to finish and will be one of the event highlights of your year.

The events are everything a car enthusiast could dream of – great driving on amazing roads, awards, huge gathering of special cars, a full car show and vendor showcase, special party and event gathering……don’t just read about this, come join the fun.

BRracing will be sending out the initial invitation…..but don’t delay, as there are only 70 spots, and 30 of them have already been taken by the So. CA participants who are running the full series.