SLR fr shop wide

September 25, 2010BRracing winsPeople’s Choice Awardat the Auto’s on the Ave Car Show in Los Gatos, CA. There was a very diverse gathering of amazing cars, from older cars like the Ferrari 250GTO, to a modern Porsche 997.2 GT3-RS that had been completely “wrapped” in a matte finish and graphics. Or, a 1,000+HP restored Camaro. How about a 1967 Camaro, with a 500HP “crate motor”, but running a complete BMW 7 series rear suspension with custom rocker arm shock and spring assembly.
BRracing won for its’ Mercedes McLaren SLR, after we had just finished the upgrades to the car and the new QuickSilver exhaust system.
To do fun projects like the SLR is very unique, but to be recognized by the people for the “best” car at the show is a great honor. Woo HOO!