We’ve had such a great year, that it only made sense to get a great group together for a meet at our shop.  This originally started off as a small thing…but, it ain’t small no more.  We will have numerous exotic customer cars (Ferrari 430 supercharged, a couple of Audi R8’s…yes, a couple, a GT3 track car, several Loti, our key BRR project cars, and many, many more).

(Nov 26) UPDATE…we now have a gaggle of Audi’s coming along w the hords of BMWs, and a Nissan GTR, and some other interesting cars…this is getting real big

But…its not just about us and cool cars.  We have Hooked On Driving coming and setting up a booth to let you all know what great events they put on, we have raffle prizes and special promotions from Vorsteiner, we have our friends from Game Crazy, and they will have game setups to play with.

And, if this is anything like our last meet, where we had over 100 cars, and had to take on three other buildings parking lots to hold the whole gang, you need to get there early.

And…oh yeah, we’re going to have a barbeque, with BRracing providing the food to enjoy, plus many customers and participants are bringing more…..this will be fun, a great get together, and a great way to celebrate 2008 and get ready for 2009 (and also, we have another track day the next day at Laguna…so, come hang w us at BRR)

UPDATE (Nov 26th)…there is also a drive scheduled for after the event, starting at 2pm.  The drive and meet have been posted on several forums…so, check it out.



Great cars