Endless RF650 Brake Fluid

We see a lot of products, and the car industry is fairly mature.? So, its not often that we really get excited about a new product or product line.? But, this is one of them.? When our customers would ask us about what brake fluid, we would normally put the various fluids into categories, and determine their needs, and the price would also sort of define the options.? The fluids we normally would promote were:? ATE Super Blue, ATE Gold, Motul RBF600, Motul RBF660, and Castrol SRF.

Pricing (this is not exactly, but gives you and idea) and nearly mirrors the value/benefit options.

ATE Super Gold = $12 a bottle

ATE Super Blue = $12 a bottle

Motul RBF600 = $17 a bottle (half liter)

Motul RBF660 = $29 a bottle (half liter)

Castrol SRF = $72 a bottle (liter bottle)

The more expensive the brake fluid, the better the fluid.? The higher end fluids are also more synthetic in nature.? Now, along comes Endless Brake Fluid….and we thought, oh, just another vendor jumping in the pond.? So, after talking to many of the Pro race teams, and chatting w Porsche Motorsport directly, we found a growing list of competitors and teams switching to this fluid.


Here is what Endless says about their fluid –

The Endless RF-650 brake fluid is used in Formula 1, WRC and Dakar Rally, yet is still available for the end-user desiring the highest performing brake fluid. Within the circuit stages where the braking temperatures reach extremely high heat situations not encountered on the street, extremely stable performance characteristics can be achieved. The RF-650 is becoming recognized as the highest-spec brake fluid around the world.

Thanks to the high volocity and the even viscosity in our fluid the response in the brake system is very fast and precise regardless of the temperature. The low freezing point (-40