We have had countless conversations with customers on what do they need to play at the track. We have also been blessed with customers, who engage with us, and allow us to learn what works best in their cars. Here is a complete list of all that you may need if you want to take your Porsche 991 GT3 / GT3RS to the track. Many of these items apply to all cars, but many other cars require a variety of upgrades to be as suited for track use as the 991 GT3 / GT3RS. Talk to us if you have any questions on the items in this list….this is not hypothetical, this is a proven list. Add to this, use this as a guideline, build on it. There are certainly other things you CAN do as well, but this covers all the bases.

Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3RS – 991.1 or 991.2 1 A
Track Oriented Alignment – stock sucks    
Brake Flush w Track Level Brake Fluid    
Track Tires    
GMG WEC Harness-Rollbar 1 B
GMG Sub-strap Mounting Plate 2 C

GMG CF Window Triangles for anti-buffeting kit
(Tested to 158mph at COTA)

1 D
Schroth GT3 6-Point Racing Harness 2 E
Dundon Lifetime Muffler Quiet Version for Laguna Seca 1 F
Dundon GT3 Lifetime Center Muffler Turnaway Tips 1 G
DSC Controller for Porsche PASM Shocks – replace OEM PASM shock controller 1 H
Girodisc Front 2pc Floating Cast Iron Rotor Conversion for 991 1 I
Girodisc Rear 2pc Floating Cast Iron Rotor Conversion for 991 1 J
Track Suitable Brake Pads (Front and Rear) 1  
VBOX Video HD2 1 K
VBOX Bar Mount for VBOX Video HD2 1 L
VBOX Unterminated CAN Interface Cable 1 RLCAB015 1 L
VBOX Roll Cage Camera Mount 1 RLACS260 1 L
VBOX Roll Cage Bracket 1 RLACS267 1 L
VBOX Accessories (Various – quantities to match your desired install) 1+ M
Rennline Folding Tow Hook – REV2 991.2 GT3 – Front 1 N
LWBS Bolster Covers – reduces wear on the outside bolsters on LWBS – increases resale value 1 O
BlendMount Action Camera Aluminum Specialty Mount, GoPro 1 P
JOES Racing Production Mounting Clamp 1” Tube – for use with the Above BlendMount for mounting the VBOX Camera – will need a rubber ‘wrap’ around the camera to secure it – the tube is slightly too large. 1 Q
GT3 Mods thread that was most helpful 1 R
Front License Plate Tow Hook Mounting for California Front License Plate 1 S
“Universal Vehicle Mounted Carbon Fiber Blue Spun Car Safety Belt Insert – Seat Belt Buckle Clip 2 Pack” 1 T
APEX Pro as a reliable and very functional lap timer 1 U
400 – 600 lbs Long Torque Wrench For CenterLocks 1 V
“iPod touch to serve as the “cars” device for interfacing with the Porsche, APEX Pro, Box – advantage of an iPod touch is it’s NOT a phone – and therefore won’t ring while on track!!” 1 W
64GB or Greater SD Cards for the VBOX 2+ X
Dedicated car SD Card readers for iPad and Computer – reading SD cards while at the track USB & USB C Y
USB Cables in all shapes/sizes/lengths 1 Z
Empty Metal Altoid Mint boxes are perfect for storing SD Cards 1 AA

Links / Notes for all the items above (BRracing can supply / source / sell / Install any or all of the items in this list, we can even get you the car if desired) –

A: Porsche
B: GMG WEC bar
C: GMG Sub bar
D: GMG CF Window Diffuser
E: Schroth Harness
F: Dundon GT3 Exhaust
G: same as above
H: DSC PASM Controller
I: GiroDisc Front Brake Rotor Upgrade
J: GiroDisc Rear Brake Rotor Upgrade
L: VBOX accessories
M: VBOX accessories
N: Rennline Tow Hook
O: Light Weight Bucket Side Bolsters
P: BlendMount Camera Mount – GoPro
Q: Joe’s Racing Mount – VBOX Camera
R: GT3 mods forum post
S: Front License Plate Mount
T: Seat Belt Clip
V: CenterLock Torque Wrench – multiple options
W: Apple IPod Touch
X: 64Gb cards – Amazon
Y: SD card reader – Amazon
Z: USB cables – Amazon
AA: Altoids boxes

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