GMG…our close partners and friends, have just completed development on a new exhaust system for the Porsche Cayman.

Currently the new exhaust has been validated for installation and use on the 987.1 Cayman’s (both base model and the S model).

987 WC exhaust 1

We have lots of Cayman customers, and this really is a new market segment that was waiting to be tapped and developed.  GMG used all its prior knowledge from all their World Challenge exhausts to create a stunning exhaust solution, that releases the true sound and power harnessed in the rear engine compartment.

Not too loud, but loud enough so that it really sings when pushed, but great for around town driving.  Take a view of the new exhaust and see if you don’t agree that this is what the Cayman needed…..unleash the beast.

GMG Cayman World Challenge exhaust

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