The Porsche GT3 and GT3 RS are amazing cars….and built to an amazing level of detail to make them very track worthy…but, as we can attest, taking a car to the track can have dire consequences (one of our Porsche GT3 customers rolled his car in the last month).  That’s where safety must be priority number one, and for the Porsche, there are three areas that should be considered….the seats, the seat belts, and the roll cage.  There are great solutions for each one…and again, our Porsche customer, who had all three, walked away from a multi “roll” crash, walked away without a scratch…..the car however was totaled.

To that end, here is an example of another customer where we are addressing one of these areas, as he already had addressed the solution for seats (GT2 cloth seats) and the safety harnesses.  This is the install of the very well built, high quality and exacting standards and precise fit of the GMG roll cage for either the GT3 or GT3 RS.  

This is an example of the installed we just did on a Porsche GT3 RS…..what an amazing car!  The level of preciseness of the GMG roll cage is such that while this is a “bolt in”, there are several steps that need to be taken to ensure that the install goes well, and that the base plate mounting points align w the existing Porsche bolt holes.  

To get the cage in, the seats must be taken out….make sure you can deal w the Airbag sensor as well.

And, you need a couple of people to do this to ensure you don’t scratch and damage the car in any way.  This is not a quick install…and care must be taken w the bolts and attachment points, plus getting all the other parts back into the car after the install.

Here is a pic of the completed install…w GT2 seats, custom harnesses, and the cage all back in the car.

See us for your install of the GMG World Challenge roll cage for your Porsche….or to have us make a custom roll cage for your track monster….we can do bolt in, full custom, or whatever you need.  BRracing…your performance experts.