MINI Oil Change Interval

We have written before about our concern relative to the high mileage interval between oil changes on most BMW and MINIs. Now MINI has apparently seen the issue and felt the issue, and has changed the oil change interval from 15,000 to 10,000 miles. This started with all MINIs made after 03/2012. If your MINI is made before that date, and you get a software update / flash, your software should now have this new interval as the oil change standard.

We have also had a MINI customer in recently where we had to deal with a stretched timing chain (not the cold start chain tensioner issue) and a plugged VANOS solenoid, due to the extended length oil change interval. So, the after affects of not changing your oil at least once a year or every 10,000 miles seems to have caught up with MINI, and they are now seeing the light of day. Since nothing else had changed before, we always wondered why MINI and BMW increased the oil change mileage interval….but now it seems they are reverting back.

(Picture below is of the VANOS solenoid in a MINI Cooper S R56 that had become clogged by carbon build up in the oil).

So, if you own a MINI, be aware that the proper oil change interval is now 10,000 miles or once a YEAR!.

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