This is a view by BRR on the engine mount used in MINI Cooper S models from 2003 to 2006, including the convertible / cabriolet.

MINI engmount1

The models are –

MINI Cooper S R53 2003-2006, and

MINI Cooper S R52 cabriolet 2003-2007

The issue and concern is a simple one.? Based on our customers experience, this front, passenger side engine mount will fail at about the 60k mile interval, or 5-6 years of usage.? This is not an isolated issue to some MINI Cooper S R52 & R53 models, it is virtually all that we have seen. The original MINI Cooper S (2002-2003) had a rubber right side engine mount, and in 2003, MINI changed to a fluid filled engine mount.? The concern is with this later version, the fluid filled unit. Over time or usage, this mount will lose its fluid, spilling it on the body frame rail just below the mount, and the suspension effect lost. The engine is then not suspended, and instead the engine rides on the mount / frame rail directly.? This is harmful to the engine.

MINI engmount3

Most customers are not aware of this loss of the motor mount until later, when the engine starts to generate noise / vibration due to the loss of the suspension from the fluid mount.

BRR recommends that its customers review the right front engine mount to see if they can see the loss of the fluid, and if so, schedule to have it replaced (there is no upgraded or better unit from MINI Cooper, they only have this one unit in production, but the mount is easily replaced).