As we build our company and program, one of the objectives in the Motorsports group was to introduce, develop, and support our customers as they desire to progress in their track experience.  In 2010, we added several different track day programs, which allowed many new customers to experience the track for the first time, and many others to mature in their development.  We don’t want to just put them out there, and let them try, we want to support them in every way to make the experience the best possible, and to allow them to really see the fun in the sport.

Part of that result is customers develop, enhance, and expand their skills, and move up the ladder in their experience.  At some point, the experience reaches a point where a street car driven on the track doesn’t not allow them to get all that they could out of the track day, and their driving skill gets to the point where a true, 100% track car really is the right instrument for the job.

An example of that progression, and one that has developed quickly, is the progression of one of our customers (Anawat).  That has culminated in the recent addition of a Porsche Cup Car.  This car is in immaculate condition, has never been hurt, bent, or scratched, and has very little hours on all elements (a Porsche  Cup Car must be measured in the hours on the chassis, the tranny, and the engine).  There are some tweaks that we will be adding to this car as well….stay tuned for that.

Porsche Cup Car

2007 – 3.6L engine, full factory cage, air jacks, center lock wheels, CF doors, Motec engine management and display, sequential transmission with “quick-shift” feature, Cup car rear wing, race headers and exhaust, Moton twin adjustable suspension, Yokohoma race slicks, full spares kit.

Here are some pics of the new baby…and you can see more in our gallery –

Congrats Anawat….