These are the first official photos of the new 18″ AERO-7 wheel by APEX (Aftermarket Performance EXpress)

Available exclusively for the BMW 1 series, these AERO-7 wheels are Flow-Formed to reduce weight while maintaining strength. 18×8″ front, and 18×9″ rear wheels allow for the use of 225/40/18 and 255/35/18 tires respectively on the BMW 1-series. Due to the special offsets required, these are designed to fit the BMW 1 series stock or modified, without rubbing.

Current AERO-7 sizes are 18″, but 19″ AERO-7 wheels for the BMW 1 series will be available shortly after the 18″ sizes arrive.

The wheels were tested on BR Racing’s 135i after just competing in the Global Tuning GP at Laguna Seca in October 2010, where it ran on multiple sets of the APEX ARC-8 wheels, taking second in class.


Front – 18×8″ et45
Rear – 18×9″ et50


Fronts are 19lbs~

Rears are 20lbs~

Load rating: 1580lbs JWL/VIA certified
Finish: Sample set shown in Standard Silver (non-hyper finish)








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