The objective of this project for our customer was very standard –

– Add some pizzaz to the looks of the car, yet make it functional

– Upgrade the handling, as this car will see the track a couple of times a year

– Make the car sound great, not just look great…..they wanted to have all senses tantalized

So, the answer to those requirements for this customer for his Porsche 997.1 C2S, was the following –

– GMG sport springs

– GMG World Challenge sway bar set

– Tarret Engr sway bar adjustable end links

– HRE 19″ wheels

– Fabspeed black chrome exhaust tips

– Tubi race performance exhaust system

The result is truly the better than the sum of the parts.  It looks great, sounds wonderful, especially when on full song, and handles the roads and track well, without sacrificing the ride or inducing harshness.

Here is the begining canvas to be worked on –

BB 997 C2S frt angle begin

To that…..mix in this batch of key parts –

Brian B parts

These are no ordinary parts to just bolt on and go…..these are the best parts you can get…..example, look at the quality and finish on these HRE monoblok wheels…..light, strong, and amazing looking……just what the doctor ordered for this surgery –

BB 997 C2S HRE wh

The examination before the surgery indeed shows that we have serious issues to be dealt with……old pieces, soft bushings, tired tires, anemic exhaust and tips……so, off w those parts…, off, off

BB 997 C2S rear exh begin

Out w the old, in w the new.  New sway bars (front and rear), new bushings, new wheels and tires, new Tubi exhaust……and the piece to top it all off…..the beautiful black shadow chrome tips.

BB 997 C2S rear exh end

And….hold the applause………but the finished product achieves all the objectives, and HAS been proven on the track recently w great success.

BB 997 C2S frt qtr final

BB 997 C2S rear qtr final