While the experience many have with car dealers for service is not great….OK, it is often horrible, this has more to do with their customer care and their pricing.  But one of the things that dealerships have that often puts them at an advantage over Independent Service Shops is the use of factory diagnostic tools and direct access to the manufacturer for technical support.

As a result, Independent Shops will use many other third party diagnostic tools to help navigate the depth of data and information needed to properly diagnose today’s complex car issues.  But, these are usually behind in the release of current information and the completeness of the factory tools.

That is, until now.   Porsche recently introduced the new diagnostic toolset, PIWIS II.  The old unit was phased out in December 2011, and going forward, only the PIWIS II will have the software, wiring diagnostics, and direct technical connection with Porsche to diagnose their new cars, like the 991 and the Panamera.

This new tool from Porsche is now available to Independent shops, and BRracing is the FIRST in the area to gain use of the factory tool. This puts us on the same footing as the dealership, and access to the same level of technical support, software updates, programming, as the dealership.  No more being behind, no more not being able to deal w the newest cars.

Here is a brief overview of the new PORSCHE PIWIS II system –
The IRF PIWIS II ( Independent Repair Facility ) package includes;
PIWIS II Tester Hardware (laptop)
PIWIS II tester diagnostic software
Guided Fault finding ( GFF ) software packages covering;
– 911
– Boxster-Cayman
– Cayenne
– Panamera

BRracing now has the same, direct, state of the art tools as the dealer, along with all our other diagnostic tool sets. Service is the heart of our business, and we will continue to strive to provide the leadership and tools to enable us to deliver the best service in the industry.
An example of what we were now able to do……customer wanted to have a new ABS controller from a later model car installed in his car.  But, to do so, requires direct Porsche software management and control….now we have it.  Out comes the old controller, in goes the new, do the “marrying” of the new controller to the specific car, do the adaptation of the new unit, do the automated “bleed” of the ABS pump thru computer control, and now the unit can be used with the car.  This was not possible w Independent diagnostic systems….but we can do this now at BRracing.
The future is looking bright….come on by and see the new tool, and see what we can do for your Porsche