Powerflex expands the polyurethane bushing set solution to cover some additional areas that could use the same benefit we have found w the replacement of the soft OEM suspension bushings.

The BMW E46 M3 is one quick car, and the Powerflex suspension bushings have been used across the world on road, track day and race cars vastly improving the handling and stability.?? At BRracing, we have probably replaced almost 90% of all BMW front lower control arm bushings and the rear trailing arm bushings w the Powerflex polyurethane bushings with outstanding results.? No noise, better control, they outlast the stock OEM bushings, and improve overall driving feel.

As the BMW M3 cars age, the rubber bushings that mount the rear differentials are failing, causing knocking and excessive movement.? We (BRracing) even recently had a car come in that had these so badly worn and cracked that it caused other rear subframe body fatigue.

Now Powerflex is releasing two new bushings to upgrade the original rubber items.

The PFR5-4620 rear diff rear bushing comes with a light weight alloy special sleeve to hold the polyurethane parts to the diff casing.

The PFR5-4621 rear diff front bushing controls the torque reaction of the diff.

Fitting a set of these will improve location of the diff, allowing a more direct delivery of the power from the engine to the road, and provide longer life than the stock OEM bushings.

You can order from the BRracing online store NOW.