As BRracing continues to strive to bring the best products and solutions to market for enthusiasts around the world, BRracing has partnered with Vorsteiner to develop, release and market a full rear carbon fiber diffuser for the Mercedes SLR.  The Mercedes SLR is an extremely unique super-car, and while much of the car is constructed of carbon-fiber, the essential rear diffuser was not.  To help meet the need, and complete the package for effectiveness and use, we are announcing the introduction of the Vorsteiner SLR, only available from BRracing.

SLR diffuser angle view

The quality, fit, and finish of this product are truly outstanding in every way.  A complete bolt-in replacement to the original factory piece, this provides exceptional value in every facet.

SLR diffuser bottom full

You can see this piece on our customers SLR, or contact BRracing for any pricing, delivery, and installation questions.